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Hey everybody.I hope everyone's babies are all happy and snuggly and stuff.

I've got a question. Orion (7 months, rescued feral at somewhere between 7-10 weeks), is a super active little guy. He will play really hard, and lots of times, ends up panting like a little puppy. I have never seen a kitten pant. Is that weird? I mean, he's all toungue hangin out and loud sometimes. He still wants to play even though he's so tuckered out, and we usually have to call it quits so he can rest and get a drink.

He also, when he's falling asleep and sleeping, snores, or at least what sounds like snoring. heh. I didn't know kitties snored, either. He can get really loud!

So, is that weird?

Spring and Orion
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Here I found this article http://www.petplace.com/articles/artShow.asp?artID=2620
Hopefully it isn't anything serious.
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When I get the feather thing out and between the excitment and jumping from trying to catch the feather my cat Soltie will pant. My other cat Sadie loves the feather also and plays hard, but she doesn't pant. So, I only get feather once a day because they go crazy when the see it. They are jumping into walls, off of furniture, and into each other when they see the feather.
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Sunshine used to pant, and the vet told me it was from stress. Once we made some adjustments to her environment, it stopped.
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My babies pant when the play to hard - they don't want to stop, but I make them. Once they calm down we'll play again. My Sugarly is also snorer.
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I'll prolly mention it to the vet anyway next time we go in. But he really does only pant when he's playing. There's no such thing as 'if' he plays too hard, Orion only knows one way to play.

And now with this new toy we got him satuday, he is nuts! =) We got one of those toys that you cast out like a fishing rod, and it has a cool thing on the end, and you push a button, and it comes back really quick.

It didn't quite go far and fast enough for Daddy, (men!) so he 'fixed' it tonight, substituting a way longer amount of my embroidery floss, and man! does that thing go. Orion chases like there's no tommorow, and he'll practically climb up my hubby when he retracts it back in.

The little guy has a fascination with string, though, so we have to keep stopping him from chowing down on the line.

But I totally reccomend that fishy-toy thing for all the playful kitties out there, and thier mommys and daddys. Tons of fun!

Warm Fuzzies,
SPring and Orion
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Where did you get that toy??? Trent would go insane for that!
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I got the fishy toy at out local pet warehouse place. I don't know what it's like by you, but here in Wisconsin, we've only got a few of those smaller pet places where there's basics, and actual pets to buy.

The rest of em are these bigger warehouse places, with all sorts of everything, from gormet and bulk doggie biscuts to 4 huge rows of cat toys and treats.

I bet there's probably some for sale online somewhere. I'll keep an eye out.

It was the best 9$ I ever spent.


Warm Fuzzies,
Spring and Orion
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I think it is probably from playing so hard but I would mention to your vet next time. My cat had a heart murmur as a kitten but now has an enlarged heart and is on meds. Heavy panting can be a sign of heart distress. Sounds like your kitten is very active and playful.
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