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My website

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I just created a new website and thought some people might like and i also wanted to see if people have suggestions

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I couldn't see the pictures, except for the one on the very front page. Maybe it's just me.
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Gorgeous cats!! Love the eyes.
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HI I LOOKED AT your web page pretty cat.
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Hi funnykitty!

First, I want to welcome you to TCS!

I had the same problem as Bubbas mom did with the pictures, I could only see the first one. BTW, I love that picture! Playing with the water in the is soooooo typical of cats!

Also, I couldn't return to your home page using the link provided.

My overall opinion is that I think you will eventually have a website that is a very nice place to visit.
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First oof that cat picture on the home page and not the enter screen is a picture i found that looked cute (right now i don't have a scanner) and last did the forum work its been giving a little trouble and idon't know what the problem is with that photo
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Lovely cats !!!
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The cats playing in the toilet picture is adorable!!!
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ohhhhhh was only able to see your home page after I clicked on enter the only thing I get is a bunch of code............
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