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Any good books? :)

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I LOVE to read.. I have just finished the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.. they are a juvenille serries.. but I loved them just the same.

I am mostly interested in any books that contain animals, some fantasy, and true crime. But I am open to any suggestions. =)
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Have you read the Phillip Pullmans Dark Materials books? I've had them sat on my bookshelf for ages but not had time to read them, supposed to be very good.

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King? Can't recommend them highly enough!

How about Watership Down? Excellent book, although very, very sad in places. But, who can resist a tale of cute bunny rabbits!
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i really like interview with the vampire by anne rice.

lovely bones - so sad

time travellers wife - didnt live up to the hype but still a must read

memoirs of a geisha, arthur golden - a really lovely book
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Have you ever heard of John Bellairs?

He is very whimsical, and his characters are very easy to relate to. The books take place in the fifties. They are all fantasy except for one. They only take an hour to read each, but are still cool. I think the longest is about 200 pages. They sort of fit your criteria i guess. My two cents.
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Thank you, I will check my library and see what they have!
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I highly reccommend the book "A Million Little Pieces". It's on Oprah's Book Club right now, and it is incredible!
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Any of Ann Rule's books.
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if you like fantasy... you might try hunting down Claire Bells' books. i have two, one doesn't have felines (people of the sky), but Ratha and Thistle-chaser is a decent read. Mine are signed, and I picked them up at a sci-fi convention a few years back. Ratha and others are intelligent wild-cats... very nicely done stories. I want to find more...

Certainly reccommended, though.

If you want feline stories... and like short stories (but haven't read these yet) I suggest any and all of the Catfantastic anthologies.

My friends tease me about having cats in my own short stories... and they're surprised that my novel I'm writing doesn't have cats... I have one short piece... I still need one more edit... but once that's done, if anyone wants to read it, I'll PM it to them... don't want to post it, because then it's technically consiered published, and I want it in a magazine eventually... but PM'ing it to a few folk is okay. Cats are prominent, but not the main characters....

Must get back to my own writing... argh!!

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I LOVE Lillian Jackson Braun's THE CAT WHO......series. I've real all 20 something of them.
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Have you read Felidae and Felidae on the road by Akif Pirincci? Excellent books and here is a little snippet of what the first book is about, highly recommend it.

Cats are superior to humans; just ask any dog. But does that always make them better creatures? Not necessarily, as Francis, the feline hero of this book, discovers soon after having moved to a new home with his human pal Gustav. Equally annoyed by the laboratory smells of their new house and eager to get to know the rest of his new neighborhood, Francis decides to take a walk – and walks right into the discovery of a dead cat and, by virtue of that discovery, also into the guy who instantaneously becomes his new best friend. And as gruff old Bluebeard, Francis's new side kick explains to him, this is not the only dead cat he has recently seen. In fact, "cold bags" (cat corpses) have turned up in the neighborhood with an alarming frequency, all killed expertly and quickly by a bite to their necks. And their appearance somehow seems to coincide with the arrival of an exotic, wild, self-described "very ancient but very new" breed of cats whose females are, Francis is soon to discover, as seductive as they are angels of death to any male cat mating with them.

Chased by the local bully, King Kong, and his two brainless minions Hermann 1 and Hermann 2, and haunted by nightmares of being jerked around by puppet master Gregor Mendel (the Austrian monk who, in the late 19th century, first came up with the basic biological principles on breeding and inheritance of genes), Francis almost stumbles into the reunion of a secret sect honoring a certain Claudandus, mysterious savior of all cats' misery on earth who alone escaped a cruel series of experiments performed in the very house Francis now calls his home. But while sect members pay tribute to Claudandus's memory by the macabre practice of jumping into the electric current produced by two open wires, this is not the cause of the feline population's demise; although the figure of Claudandus undeniably has something to do with it. With his human buddy and (in Bluebeard's lingo) "tin opener" Gustav completely oblivious to the horrors Francis must witness and investigate, our feline sleuth is left to his own wits – at least until Bluebeard introduces him to Pascal, the neighborhood's other "smart ass."

"Felidae" is an intelligently crafted thriller and, at the same time, a book every cat lover will relish. Pirinçci, who says the book was inspired by his own cats, brings to it as much talent as a writer as understanding for our four-pawed friends. It easily stands its ground not only next to other (and, in the States, better-known) cat detective stories such as those by Lillian Jackson Braun, but next to the great thrillers involving human detectives as well.
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