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Am I crazy??

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Tonight I bought plain christmas stockinsgs and fabric paint and personalized them for my cats. One for my adult girls, and one for the kittens. I've never done this before and I swear I think my husband thought I was losing my mind when I said I was getting them stockings, and have already planned on what stocking stuffers I want to get them. I've also planned on taking my kitten Jackson to have his picture made with Santa at Incredipet, and also want to get him a holiday ruff collar to wear to it. Anyone else have christmas things with their kitties??
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Sierra has her own personalized velvet stocking, a Christmas collar, as well as a ruff! Serenity will be getting all of the above. My girls also have a Christmas placemat!
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If you're crazy, then so are most of us, I bet. :-)
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We are all crazy. but we love our kitties. No problem with that. They ARE part of your family, and I agree that they should be treated with as much respect as one of your family members. And Christmas stockings are perfect. They will love whatever is in there, just like kids would.
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If you are crazy for doing that...then I guess we are all off our rockers!!

Reilly has his own personalized stocking as well and he always gets tons of presents
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I agree we are all crazy!!
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Originally Posted by Jasper
Anyone else have christmas things with their kitties??
Still deciding which stockings I should buy for them.
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My cats and dogs have their own stockings AND their own personalized Christmas ornaments. To be fair, so do my grandkids.
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Growing up, our cat Katy always had her own stocking, so I always thought that was normal, until my husband assured me it was not!

Oliver and Emma both get Christmas prezzies but don't have stockings, at least yet, because we spend XMas in FL with my parents and they stay here with the catsitter, poor babies.
XMas is also Olly's birthday (he's going to be 4 this year! I can't believe it! My baby's growing up!) so he usually gets extra presents and pampering once we return.
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I just bought 6 new stockings that match. Now I just need to put their names on them! It will be funny, we will have 9 stockings hanging and 6 of them will be for the cats!
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Yup, Harley has his own too!!

And his own Christmas tree decoations too with his name on them!!
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Not at all! My cats have their own Xmas stocking made by for them by my dad, of all people. My parents also have ornaments for each of their "grand-pets" both living and deceased.
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