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Soft paws

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Has anyone tried soft paws on their cat? They seem like they could be difficult to put on. Are they worth the hassle?
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I've heard tons of different things about soft paws, as when I first got Orion, I looked into them. I've never heard anybody totally rave about them, but most people said they worked okay, but were kind of rough to get on, and fell off more than the ads would have you believe.

We just clip Orions claws about once a week. Once someone shows you how, or if you look at em real good under the light, it's easy to see how far you can clip.

Hubby wraps him up in a towel, or the 'kitty burrito' as we call it, since he literally lays him on one end of a towel, and starts rolling him to the other end. Orion thinks this is great fun, and after the first few times, he's gotten used to it, and only squirms is something is particularly distracting (like a tuna sandwich). =)

Spring and Orion
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LOL I can see that.... I do clip my cat's nails on a regular basis with of course a helping hand. They don't like it one bit but they are good and tolerate it so I thought about the soft paws thinking it might be a little easier on them. Thinking about it though I can't imagine putting those caps on their nails will be any more pleasant than clipping them. Thank you for the reply, I think I'll pass on them.
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I think that clipping is just as effective.
We also use the "kitty burrito" tactic. I use a blanket to wrap the kitties up, and then sort of pin them between my hip and the side of the couch. I leave only their paws sticking out, and then I clip as fast as I can. They don't enjoy it, but at least its quick and painless for them.
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I tried Softpaws when my kidden Whiskers was still under 2 years of age, about 7 years ago. At that time they had to be applied by a vet, and cost about $30 to have it done. The biggest problem I had was that from the moment they were on, he was consumed with getting them off. He would walk a few steps, then shake a leg...Or he would try to pull them off with his teeth, pulling, pulling, until he got them all off, Which he succeeded in about 2 weeks. I tried this twice, then gave up. Haven't tried since. I will say this, is was nice to not get scratched when they were on!
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One of my friends put soft paws on one of her kittens. You have to clip the nails before you put the caps on. I helped her put them on by holding him while she clipped his nails. We had put the glue in the caps first, to help keep the process short. We only did the front paws too. He shook his paws for about a minute afterwards, then totally forgot about them. I think they work great and will definitely be using them on my cats.
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All I have to say is...fantastic! I strongly reccomend them. Only if you have another person who can hold your cat while you put the caps on and also for a few minutes afterward to allow the glue time to dry. I also found that using superglue instead of the glue provided keeps them on much longer. I think the glue provided with the caps in just a solvated version of Superglue which will not hold the caps on for 2 days. The Superglue holds them on for weeks!
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I clip my cat's claws about once every two weeks, and she doesn't mind at all. I just kneel on the floor, with her between my legs, and gently hold up one of her paws and softly kiss the top of her head while clipping the nails, and tell her what a good girl she is.

Now, if we're talking giving her a pill. Evil kitty!!
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I've never used Soft paws, but do regularly clip my kitty's nails. He does not mind much, and it makes a ig difference. We have never had trouble with scratching because we used aversion therapy successfully. Dmitri scratches in two allowable spaces, and never in any other. It was easy to teach him even though we did not rescue him until he was almost 2 years old.
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I have used soft paws for the last 4 months with great success. It does take two of us to clip nails and put them on, but that is because Frankie was a stray until we took him in this past Christmas. He is pretty laid back although a bit skittery still. But hubby soothes and holds Frankie from above (like hubby being the dominant cat) while Frankie is laying on the bed. Then I clip and put the nails on. They stay on very well. I did have to figure out just how much glue, but once I did, they last about 6 weeks. Frankie doesn't mind them at all. I have also found out that when putting them on it is helpful to give them a squish to widen the opening a bit. Then they slip on easier. We're quite pleased with the results. Of course I only use them on the front paws.
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Wouldn't this be uncomfortable for the cat?? Because their claws naturally retract and wouldn't this not enable that to happen - essentially leaving their nails out all of the time??
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Zero has been using them for about 6 months. I love them. He makes a fuss while I'm putting them on, but once I'm done he doesn't seem to notice them. If they were uncomfortable, I would think he'd stop walking or whine a lot. They do seem to stick out more than usual, but they do retract.
From softpaws.com:
"6) Can cats still extend and retract their claws with the Soft Paws?

Absolutely. Soft Paws are designed not to interfere with the normal extension and retraction of claws"

I highly recommend them if your kitty is very playful or likes to scratch things he/she shouldn't. Otherwise clipping may be sufficient. Zero is still young, I think he may not need them when he gets older and calms down

He's gone patriotic now:
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I love Zero's soft paws colors!! I used to use soft paws and they worked great. The only reason they come off, is when the cat sheds it's claw. The first time you put them on, they may not last that long, but the next ones stay on for a while. At least a few weeks. They can be hard to put on, if your cat does not like it's claws clipped. Auroa hates when I touch her claws. I no longer use them, because all my cats use the scratching posts. I have the posts with the rope rapped around them.
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I was thingking about using them...and have only heard good things...
I have been trimming my cats claws since they were kittens though...so i havent found it neccesary yet..
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