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Finished decorating for Christmas!!!

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I love Christmas, and with all the stress I have been having lately I decided to decorate early this year! I put up all the decorations today, and even the tree, still have to decorate the tree though. I also wrapped my husbands presents. I also will put up the outside lights this weekend! I love the holiday! Hope santa is good to me this year, and brings me a job!!! Also just finished my Christmas cards!
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Man, you're early! I can't even look at Christmas stuff until the 1st of December! I bet it was fun though. My mom used to let me skip a day of school every year to help her decorate the house. Naughty, but nice!
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I put the lights up on the outside saturday afternoon and stayed up till 4am putting the tree together and decorating it.

I also have 75% if my shopping done and wrapped so I am a little ahead this year.
It's such a relief to get it over with so you can enjoy the last few weeks of the year.

I found something really cool for Jeff this year!
I'm so excited to see his expression.
He wanted to look into a satellite radio.
Well, I found one!
It has a kit to go in the car and you can also put the little radio into this boombox to use wherever.
There's a dock to connect it to your home stereo too, but that will have to wait. I get a rebate on the radio so he can get the dock with that when it comes in.
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YIPPEE Christmas!! Im all decorated as well. We are not having Thanksgiving at our home this year so I figured why not. So my house is done and all my shopping is done except for 1 Great Grandmother........what a relief though to be done!! All we have left to do is decorate the tree which we do on Friday and actually the kids do all the work. I just sit and drink my hot chocolate and watch.
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I have most of my shopping done and I get to bring back all of my Christmas decoations home from my mom's and then I will be done decorating! I have my tree up now of course (I have for a week now!! )
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Count me as another November purist. I will not utter the 'C' word until December 1st.
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