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The Thanksgiving Thread--plans?

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What are your plans, if any, for this Thanksgiving? What kind of meal, pies, desserts, etc. will you make? Are you going somewhere special, doing anything?...(I willl make a poll to go with this thread in a few minutes,too) Also, feel free to share recipes and ideas.

We will have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a nice turkey at home, with a few relatives, too. I'm making apple pie and fudge! YUMMY!! I love this time of year, when everybody gets together and everything, it gives you a nice, warm, cozy feeling of home.

So how about everybody else?
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I will again attempt to make a turkey and some sides buy others at deli... I am a good coook with bad timing skills
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Right now I'm just hoping to not be sick by Thursday. I've got a horrible URI that is kicking my butt.

But darnit I WILL have turkey!! Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the entire YEAR - and we've already spent WAY too much on the stuff to make an entirely-too-big-for-two-people Thanksgiving dinner.

And there are a couple stores that will be open and have good sales on Thanksgiving Day - Kmart and Big Lots - so I may want to get a jump start on my Christmas shopping.
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I will be spending Thanksgiving with my husbands family at his aunt's house this year.
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My entire, big fat Italian family comes over. We make a traditional turkey dinner and then we also make a traditional Italian dinner, from the Antipasti to the entree, which considering that we are from Southern Italy, is usually some sort of fish. There is A LOT of food. Anyway, we wake up, watch the Macy's parade (although I voted yes, I'm thinking twice now, since I don't want to have anything to do with Macy's ever...edit: I'm from Chicago and they're turning Field's which is a city landmark and tradition, into a Macy's) and then we eat food. All day long. It's great really. And my relative who live in Milwaukee bring these wonderful pies from a place called Simma's. So wonderful in fact, that by the end of the day, I've broken my veganism like 12 times (though I still won't eat the turkey, fish or gravy). It's quite beautiful.
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My girls and I will enjoy the day at home. I eat a less than traditional meal, and Sierra and Serenity have a very special Thanksgiving Day feast planned for themselves! The parade is always so enjoyable! After spending the day with my little loves for whom I am so thankful, I will most likely be doing the night shift, going in at either 8pm or midnight.
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I'm eating at 1 then heading to Morgantown for the Backyard Brawl.
WVU v. PITT. It's on ESPN at 8pm look it up at tune in. And don't forget to cheer on the Mountaineers!!!!

Let's Gooooooooo Mountaineers!!!!
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I didn't have time to go to the big family dinner this year. We celebrate in October. I did go to my parents' for turkey dinner though.
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I am actually not doing anything this year. My family is a thousand miles away and I am not going home. I had considered showing up at the Salvation Army or another venue to volunteer, but I think I'm just going to enjoy sleeping in and relaxing with my kitties that day. I do have plans for the weekend -- just not Thursday.
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I will be away from my family at a race track. Isnt that crazy! I dont want to go but I dont have much of a choice. Its going to be cold and dirty! Yuck! Plus I have to leave my kitty at home! my mommy is going to make sure she is loved and fed though!
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Chris and I are going out to dinner. Then coming home and I will likely spend the rest of the afternoon finishing my research paper that's due Sunday. That I should be working on now instead of typing.
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I will be spending it at home.
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we're having turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, corn, rolls, and cranberry sauce. and we're watching the macy's day parade because my friend is going to be in it!
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Turkey dinner at sister's house, trying to watch the parade, and maybe having a couple of friends at our house (they are helping us winterize).
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I'm so glad we checked back in to this thread! We almost forgot to turn on the parade!
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Bradley and I are spending Thanksgiving lunch with his family and Thanksgiving dinner with my family. One set of my aunts and uncles came up from FL this morning and it'll be their first time meeting their soon-to-be nephew-in-law!
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We're watching the Macy's parade right now--one of our traditions. I'll have to start getting ready to make our little Thanksgiving 'mini-feast' soon, though...
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