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Political/social bands and artists

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So I just got the new System of a Down CD, and it has quite a bit of political and social commentary. Par for the course for System...part of what I like about them. lol
I was just curious to see what y'all think of artists who use their art as a medium for their politics. Writers, visual artists, musicians, what do you all think of them?

BTW, I'm not really including actors here since their art is the interpretation of other people's words and ideas, which doesn't leave a lot of room for making a social statement. (And yes, I consider acting an art...when it's done right, lol.)
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I think it's great. I especially like Megadeth and Metallica for that reason.

I'd rather have a band write about something they are passionate about then just random junk.
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I think it's excellent. Free speech man! Bands can be so influential, so I love how they may be able to educate people on the big issues through music. I especially love it when artists sing about domestic violence. Nickelback, Tracy Chapman, Babyface, the Dixie Chicks...I have such deep respect for them for bringing to light an issue so often kept behind closed doors .
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I think it's great as well. Music is an excellent means of expressing your life and your beliefs. I prefer music to be authentic and to have some meaning, it doesn't necessarily have to be political, but often is. I had no idea how political System of a Down was until I read the lyrics for BYOB.
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I think it's a great thing that some artists use their voice to express their opinions about issues that matter to them.

When I was younger, I didn't care about political and social issues at all but I loved to listen to music. At some point, I bought a Radiohead cd and there was a quote by Noam Chomsky inside. It made me curious to read more.
Then, I learned that many bands I liked were playing in the Tibetan Freedom Concert so once again I got curious and read a little bit of what the concert was about...
That was all around 5 years ago. Since then, I have gradually decided that political/social issues were a central part of my life and it's the whole reason why I am studying to become a historian now...
It all started with a CD and a concert.

It's not like I look up to those bands to tell me what to believe (or look up to any other person for that matter) but I still thinkg that people who voice their passion for an issue can give people the little spark that will get them going themselves.
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Ani DiFranco.

That is all.
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Personally, I prefer not to have my entertainment shoving political ideals in my face. That said, I do like some bands that do take political stands in some, but not ALL, of their music - Nine Inch Nails, Megadeth, Queensryche, to name a few. And these statements are usually against my usual political leanings. I do think that the bands that make a point of having ALL of their music be a political statement run the risk of being forgotten as quickly as their cause is no longer relevant, but that is their choice to make.

I also prefer the political statements to be general enough to be relevant to any time frame. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying may have been most relevant in the '80s when it was released, but it's still good today. Same with Foreclosure of a Dream and Symphony of Destruction. (All three by Megadeth.) Queensryche is making Part 2 to Operation: Mindcrime which has some very strong political statements and social commentary. The premise, which is from Geoff Tate's own words from an interview Earl did with him earlier this year, is that the main character from Mindcrime gets out of prison 20 years later and sees that the same thing is happening re: poverty and recession, etc. Obviously NIN makes quite a point in Hand That Feeds, but Trent is smart enough not to name names in that song so it will still be relevant in 4 years, 10 years, or 20 years down the road.

I like music that makes me *think*, which all of the aforementioned bands make me do. Even if I don't necessarily agree with their viewpoint, it makes me see another side. I don't like music that *tells me what to think*. There is a huge difference, IMO.
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..some political music is ok..but when bands..(like green day, whoever else) get all weird about it..and their whole cd is about it..it just flat out annoys me. i like some of green days new songs..but..i mean if they are just so political i would like to see them run for president or some type of office and actually change something if they are that bothered by whats going on (i am just exagerating that point lol)...its easier to say whatever you want - but of course im the least political and religious person around so i CANT STAND listening to other bands whine about our country - (or people forcing their religion on me) my family already tried turning me and my mom into something we are not. no more of that..lol. no more!! no more brainwashing please lol.

and i agree with a lot of what valanhb says
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