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We have new arrivals !!!

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We have babies!!!

Yesterday morning by pure luck after I woke up I went under the spare bed to look for something and there they were 2 beautiful kittens.They are the most adorable kitties ever!!! And they are so big!!.
I pulled the bed back a bit to see if they where okay as they weren’t making much noise and I saw them.1 is pure black with a little white tuff ( just like the suspected daddy ) and the other is a brown /black tabby so cute.I was worried at first seeing that its been only like two weeks since her first birthday but she is a fantastic mummy.I pick one of them up as I thought its nose was bleeding after she left the room but just after I picked it up she came in and told me nicely to put it back lol

She is happily in a box with her babies who are adorable.I can already see a bit of personality the black one is very demanding and the tabby is very laid back.

I bought kitten milk and droppers just incase she has never liked milk but she wasn’t drinking any water so I fulled a little container with kitten milk and she went crazy.I have some names in mind but I don’t know if they are boys or girls I am hoping for one of each to call them Noah and Avery ( I had a dream the other day that she had them and I called one Noah and I just like the name Avery)

I have picked the tabby up just a min ago mummy cat just looked at me and then she started to come out of the box probably just to get food so I put bubba back in.

This is the freaky part.yesterday was the 1yr anniversary since a beloved family dog snoopy died which I think is god giving us something to remember her by its such a cute 2 things aswell

I’ll be getting her spayed ASAP

question do you know when they open there eyes and when they do are they a certain color then they change or are they 1 color all the way

when is it safe to really cuddle them.We might be having small kids around today they love cats and know to be quiet and gentle but is it still to early especially for mummy we had a visitor yesterday who just had a look and she was fine with it but I am worried if she gets defensive or something she trusts us but maybe not other people who only visit occasionly

also she still has a big tummy is it possible she could have more in there it has been at least 24hrs since she had the other 2 she looks a bit off but maybe that just cos she has just pushed out two little chubby's
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They start to open their eyes between 10-14 days (some can open sooner - my rex kittens were opening their eyes at about 7/8 days!).

They should remain the same color - black/white and (from your description) the other is a brown tabby. What color is mom?

I would keep strangers away from mom and kittens till about 2-3 weeks old - after they have their eyes open. Before then the mom will be pretty possessive and may even try to move them thinking they are in danger. Little children should not be handling them at all - they can pet them a bit but wait till the kittens are about a month old for that.
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mum is a grey tabby
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mum is breathing very very fast could it be that she is having another ???
or could there be something else wrong i am here alone with no car or am i just freaking over nothing
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Call a 24 hour vet
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I hope your cat is okay! Please let us know?
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Congratulations on the two arrivals. How is mom doing? Give us an update when you can.
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called vet lady said its very unusual for a cat to have two cats and she should have been up and walking around which she wasnt so i took her in and the vet felt her tummy and it was full of food no extra kitties and she was just being lazy and her temp was fine.I was stupid and didnt take the kitties and left them with a friend i know they are fine they have had a few poops no diarreah and have no probs getting food.I just wanna now the sexes

I am 80% sure they are boys but does anyone know a sure way to tell whether they are boys or girls
the names are running through my head
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I know, it's nerve-wracking!!!
How's the little family??

On her last litter, Babs only had one kitten! We looked everywhere for others but nothing! lol
As far as opened eyes go... my latest Kitten opened his at the very tender age of 5 days... usually, takes about a week or a little more...
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they are fine i am desperate to show you pics but my camera isnt connecting to pc
they look so so big compared to pics of kitties the same age but maybe not

its oh so very exciting but they are great mum is happy to leave them when they are sleeping there cords are still attached so no one will give them a little cuddle but me lol
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congrats on the new little ones
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I read this in a few places. To tell if you kitten is a boy or a girl look past their butt, if you see the area is round, it it a boy, if it is rectangular the you kitten is a girl! Good Luck and don't forget to post pictures!
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i didnt her are 2 pics taken the day they were born

Pic #1: Dinner Time
Pic#2:Just a lil squashed

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Oh they are sooooooooo cute!!!!! And seem quite healthy too. Mum is a beauty.

I've always wanted a black kittie... I always have orange cats it seems!!!
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Those ARE big kittens! Do you know for sure when she had them?

The little family is so cute and happy looking. Welcome to TCS.
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Congrat's on the two kittens, your baby tabby looks like two of my almost 3 week old kittens.
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hi there

they are now 9days and adorable grown heaps.she had them sometime a between 2am and 7am those pic were around 4pm.

I am now 80% sure its one of each so thats good.Its funny when people see tabby first they say its a boy then they see the black one and tabby becomes a girl and blacki is a boy.

Our friends are getting a kitten ( british blue) on boxing day the kitties would have to be at least 2weeks old right or they would be 2 young to sell.

ok got 2 go
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How adorable! I just love babies! I`d have my fingers on them all the time. (Sorry...I just can1t resist!)
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I think the time when you can actually start "selling" them, is around 6 weeks. They need the moms milk untill around that time period. I havent ever seen kittens younger than 5 weeks for sale, or for takes. Hope that helps a little bit....

They are big kittens though, they are gonna some big boned babies. They are gonna give thier mommy a hard time once it comes down to "play time with mommy" cuz they are gonna team up on her...And scince they are so big, it might be fun to watch.

They are little beauties though, congrats!!

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Oh, my gosh! Are they CUTE!!!
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Oh they are cute! I think most people recommend waiting till the kittens are 12 weeks old before separating them from thier mommy. 6 weeks is a minimum.
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Oh they are cute! I think most people recommend waiting till the kittens are 12 weeks old before separating them from thier mommy. 6 weeks is a minimum.
10-12 weeks prefered ... 8 is the minimum I would some are still nursing at six
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just some news tabbys eyes are mostly open i have started calling her by her name Emily-Rose Avery or Emily for short lol even though im not sure she is a she yet.
FOund out that the kitties will be 12 weeks on christmas so old kitties are staying with me.

Just a gender question
the black one has 3 bits down there but tabby only has 2 you can clearly see some 'bally bits" on black but nothing in that space for tabby could they still develop or not.
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oh and i ment 2 weeks old now so they would be at least 6weeks on xmas
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Sometimes its hard to tell when young. I've bred cats and I've been fooled a few times! With a black/white and the brown tabby they can be either or. If you look close you may be able to tell if they really look the same or different. If you had a calico (which is 99% female) you'd have something to compare.

You might have to wait a bit till the boys (if any) have more balls (literly) and pick more of a neutral name for the time being.

I would not let them go before 8-10 weeks - give them time to learn to play with each other and a little house rules and to be eating solid food and not nursing anymore. IMO 6 weeks is still way to young. They need socialization of littermates.

The brown tabby looks like a very nice rich color too!
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Oh please wait till at least 12 weeks to give them as much opportunity as poossible to get a good start in life!! I know some less than reputable breeders (anxious to get rid fo their kits I spose) will advertise at 8 weeks (and that is the legal limit in many countries) but 12 weeks is the age when they have learned as much as they can from mom. Kits who leave mom early can have problems later. (Not always mind you but where you gave the capability of giving them the best, I would do that!). They are adorable! be sure to investigate well anyone who offers to buy them- and never give them away. Good luck!!!
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just to let everone know i will be keeping these kitties so no need to worry about selling them to early.I am so so luckly she had 2 as i can keep them if she had of had 1 or 2 more i would have had to give at least 1 away which would be so so hard
the kitties my friend is buying will be 12 weeks old on xmas
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