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missing toenail?

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Last week Eb and I were playing on the bed and all of a sudden i noticed she was bleeding. It wasn't too bad I posted a thread about it here. Bleeding
Well last night we were clipping Eb's nails and noticed that one of Eb's rear nails (where she was bleeding from) is completely missing. Like all the way up to the paw pad there is nothing!!! Is this normal? Should I be worried? Eb has not bled since that night but she is often grabbing her foot and sucking or chewing on that back paw. Any thoughts?
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I have never heard of that happening. It may have gotten caught on something and when she was struggling to free herself, ripped out.
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It may be bothering her if she is chewing at it, call the vet and see what they recommend.

and good vibes to Ebony
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We just took Bijou into the vet today because both his "thumbs" were bleeding. We figured he got caught on something and tried to get away too fast and hurt his nails. The vet took his temperature, checked him out and said he would be fine. I feel better just knowing though even if I'm out of pocket $50.

He's so worth it.
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