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Finally, some good news!

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I got a call this afternoon from an agency Total Family Strategies. They informed me that my son (who I posted about last week) qualified for FREE in-home counsiling! They come out once a week to our house and meet with with us all. I was so happy I was almost in tears about it. The social worker seemed really sweet and understanding about it all. We talked for about 20 mins when she asked if my youngest, Deacon (who turned 4 today!) was in daycare and I told her no. The list for Coordinated Child Care was 8 months long and they said I had to be working days in order to get daycare during the day, which makes NO sense. Anyways, I told her about the lady around the corner who was watching the kids for me, she then informed that with us going through TFS, I get a Coordinated Child Care referral w/o having to be on the waiting list!! In case some of you don't know what CCC is, it's a subsidized child care program where it's based on your income. I was on it before when my children were little. With both boys in daycare I was only paying $22 a week!
Im so happy about this! We are finally getting on our feet again! Thanks for all the GREAT vibes from everyone!
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That is such wonderful news!!, I am so happy for you!
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Excellent news. Hoping all starts to go smoother for you. You've been through a traumatic time and I'm pulling for you.
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That is great!!! I am so happy for you!!!
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