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Originally Posted by Catkiki
What I hate is that they split up the frozen foods or refridgerated stuff over several different bags. I always unpack the frozen first and then the stuff for the fridge and hate searching for stuff thru all the bags
I do it that way too - which is why I pack it on the belt like that! Yet I still get 10 bags where they could use 4 that are packed wrong
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Originally Posted by slitty_kittay
You pay for bags which I think is great since it encourages more people to bring re-usables.
Same here! At my work we charge $0.05c a bag

Well guys if you don't like it done a certain way all you have to do is ask!

It's hard to please everyone because everyone likes it done a different way.

We're not mind readers!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Same here! At my work we charge $0.05c a bag
5c? wow, we charge around 30c NZ - swedes love their forests and taxes
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Wow! I live in a pretty poor area so people would go absolutely NUTS about 30c!

We provide boxes for our shoppers free of charge.
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I always put the cold stuff on the conveyor first then the boxes and cans, then keep eggs, fruit, bread, etc... at the very end.
That way it usually ends up fairly right.

And, if I saw someone putting chemicals with my food items I would immediately stop them and say I don't want my food smelling like Bounce!(or whatever)
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Wow, you guys must shop at bad stores. While the baggers where I shop may mix frozen and refrigerated, they generally don't hose it up that badly. LOL
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