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New Multi Cat Owner here

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Hi ya!

I've googled cat forums out of desperation. See, I had a male cat for 5 years and then lost him (he ate a door stop cap and they had to put him down ) So, we adopted TWO Katrina rescues and then the smell came. WHOA! So not good.

So, I'm hear to find out HOW to 1. train these little tykes not to thrash my whole house and 2. what I can do about the smell! *faints*

Buddy and Biskit are toooo cute and I hate not fully enjoying them because of the 'knock you down' smell the house has now.
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Hi, and welcome. That is so great you took in Katrina rescues.

Is the smell from the cats themselves or from their waste?
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Welcome! I am confused about the smell, too. Do they need bathed? Is it a stomach problem?
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Welcome here to TCS...you are gonna love this site!
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Welcome to TCS!!! You will it here!
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message or contact me anytime at dawnofsierra@gmail.com!

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Are you talking that the litter pan smells or do the kittens just smell? It is likely they were exposed to toxic waste, drank some pretty foul water, and it may just be a process of getting all that garbage out of their system before it calms down.

What age are they? If they are kittens they will thrash your house, it's called kitten play and is perfectly normal. Plus these are traumatized kittens if they lived through a horrendous event and cats do get PTSD
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There's a product sold at Petsmart called No Stink. They have candles and air spray. It works fantastically. You should try it and see how it works. I can't even begin to tell you how great that stuff is. People don't even know I have cats.
I'm sure Hissy is right about the nastiness they had to endure, and are now trying to push it out of their systems.
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I don't know what you mean by smell... and this sounds odd.

But all of the Katrina victims who have come into our clinic smell HORRIBLE. Their urine and poop smells really bad and stinks up the kennels hardcore.. like I had to bleach them to get the stench out [and even then you can sometimes smell it]. I agree with hissy in that once everything is cleaned out of their system they may smell better.
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