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Moving Vibes please!

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As I have sold my London apartment I have to empty it this weekend. So I have arranged for a French removal firm to come over, meet me there on Saturday ( I shall fly in on Friday) and then take all my furniture to the house in France. We shall unload on Sunday. It will be difficult because the new house is still a building site inside, with no partition walls upstairs. Everything will have to be stacked in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, and some stuff may need to be put in one of the outhouses. But I am excited - it is a big step towards feeling that this really is my new home! Good vibes please and think of me moving stuff on Saturday and Sunday. I have to return here on Monday so I shall be exhausted. I shall take some pix of the process and post next week.
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Good vibes and a smooth move wishes for you Jenny. Give the kits hugs.
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Oh plenty of good moving vibes coming from here Jenny. Wow! I bet it feels so real now that you're actually starting the moving in process. How exciting . I hope it all goes smoothly.
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Hope everything goes smoothly, Jenny! }}}vibes{{{
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I hope that everything goes very well and very smooth for you all!!
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Good luck and have fun!
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Best of luck for your move!
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have a smooth move and hopefully everything goes your way during the move
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Wishing you a safe and smooth trip and move, and much happiness in your new home. Hope all goes well and according to plan. :-)
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Best of luck with you move!
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Jenny, here's lots of good vibes. Good luck!
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Lots of good moving vibes headed your way!
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Sending good vibes your way. Hope all goes well with the move!
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We complain when we move to a different location within the same city. You are moving from one country to another!!! Hopefully everything will go smoothly.
BTW I found on the RHS website-a book for landscaping your country home!!
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How exciting! Good luck, have fun, and get some rest!
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Lots and Lots of Good Vibes for not Stress during the Move Jenny!
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Good luck with the move! Hope it goes smoothly for you.
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Good luck, Jenny! Moving is simply a pain, but it's worse when it's an "international" move. I hope it goes fairly smoothly.
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Wishing you the best with the move Jenny
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How wishes with the move...a good step towards getting into that lovely house and property of yours (yes, I am very green with jealousy!)
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You must be so excited now, Jenny, that everything is on the go!

How long do you think it will be until you're house is ready for you to move in?!

Sending lots of Smooth Move }}}VIBES{{{ your way, I hope it all goes really well!

....and remember, the removal men are there to do the hard work! Don't let them be slack!
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oooo good luck with your emigration!!
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