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mr. grumbler

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hi! I'm just curiouos. Does anyone else have a kitty that grumbles. My kitty joey makes sooo many different deep grumbly noises, when he jumps when he wants love, when hes just looking out the window. Its really quite funny. His sister phoebe is a bit smaller and has the highest pitched little meeep meep meows that come out of her. You'd never think they were related. Is it more common for male cats to have that rumbly meow than girls? Out last cat buddy was a boy and meowed in an average kitty tone and sammy his non related sister hardly made a peep but when she did it was a meep meep high pitched one, and sammy was an 18 pounder so it must not have anything to do with size. Just curious. Thier nicknames are mr. grumbler and mrs. meeper. The names we pick when we first get kittes almost always change dont they

GRUMbbbbble meepmeep.
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My cat Mitzi chirps. I can't explain it in any other way but when you stare at her or if she's hungry or if she wants attention she'll make a little chirp noise. Sometimes she'll make two in a row and it sounds like she says ma ma.
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My parent's cat, Smokey, only grumbles when he's mad at something. Like if he wanted some table scraps, and my mom doesn't give him any, he'll grumble and walk away grumbling...also, if someone accidentally steps on his tail, he'll run away, grumbling the whole time!! I have a meep kitten. She doesn't meow normally, but she'll meep whenever she wants attention, it's actually really cute!:tounge2:
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I guess that each kitty is unique like humans....that's what makes them so fun!!!!!!!
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My little Ophelia grumbles all the time. She grumbles at us when she isn't getting what she wants. We can tell she's really irritated with our incompetence/lack of attention when she tosses her little head with the grumble.

Trent is a pretty big boy, and he squeaks at us. Completely opposite noises than you would expect looking at them. :tounge2:
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I seem to have a cat with a vocabulary, Dani's a black cat, just under 2 years old. She chirps when she spots prey (spiders on the wall or a bug on the window), mews quietly when I open a can of cat food, meows (sounds like "now" when she wants to be petted, played with, or has batted her toy out of reach). Someone wrote their cat sounds like a diesel engine when she purrs and so does Dani. Such a loud noise out of a relatively small 7 lb. cat. She also cries but that's only when she's in the car. I've learned the meow sound and she often responds back to me, it's almost like a conversation.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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Both of my kitties make some funny noises, but I think the weirdest is when my cat Poppy makes dove 'coo's. It's very odd.
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Did somebody say 18 pound female? Yikes!
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