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Showresults + Pics ;-)

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I went to a show sunday with Binky, Precious and Imsadi. They all did very well I am VERY proud off my boys! Their results:

Precious: CAP, Best In Variety and Best In Show Turkish Angora neuter male (there was a Turkish cat special).

Pic of a proud Precious :

Imsadi: Ex1 and Best In Show male 6-10 months

Pics of a proud Imsadi :

Binky: 2nd Best Householdpet

Pic of a smiling Binky :

And a another:

I am so proud of my boys
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They are all beautiful! I must say they sure do look good in silver and gold...and your gray striped one looks great next to the blue!
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Congratulations!! What wonderful pictures, how great that they did so well!
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When I first saw the picture of took my breath away. He is a stunning cat.
I love Imsadi's amazing eyes and the picture with his paw in the air...
but last but by no means heart belongs to Binky.:
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Congratulations all your cats are lovely. But Imsadi Is soooo pretty. Such a vivid blue eye color.
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Precious is exactly that -- PRECIOUS! What a lovely cat. They are all three lovely, but Precious....

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Oh congrats, they are all very beautiful
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Congrates .. It looks as if they know they did well
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Congrats!!! They all did so well, I bet they all earned some kitty treats!
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Good job boys!!
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dang imsadi is gorgeous!! i really love how he looks
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They are all so gorgeous!

I love Binkys smile
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Good job!! I can see why they won!..they are so handsome!
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All fabulous cats! Imsadi without a doubt has the attitude of a champion. Congrats on a great showing.
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Thank you
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they are very photogenic beauties!
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*gasp* oh my! Look at your Precious!!! How I love white kitties...and the eyes on your Siamese are incredible...

They are all stunning though - gotta love Binky what a little man....
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Man they definatly win best of show in my book!!! They are simply gorgeous! CONGRADULATIONS KITTIES!!!! and meowmy
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woot! And the turks sweep it!

Headbutts from your turkish (van) cousin, Ghibli!
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
woot! And the turks sweep it!

Headbutts from your turkish (van) cousin, Ghibli!
Hi, Ghibli,

Send us a new photo. BTW, have you met your new cousin on a Texas beach, Galadriel (aka "Molly")? She is Samwise's half-sister. Take a look below. She is a charming little girl. Ann finally got her "lapcat," after all these years.

All the best,
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Congratulations, what beautiful cats.
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I'd love to see these photos of them, but the photos have gone. Any chance of re doing them so I can see them?

Pretty Please with a cherry on top
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OK i will see if i can find them and post them tomorrow or friday
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