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And the most dangerous U.S. city is.....

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Camden, N.J.: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/11/21/cam....ap/index.html
That's really sad. Three decades ago, when I was a teenager, my friends and I were absolutely forbidden to go to Camden (we sometimes did anyway, seeing as it was right across the bridge). It seems that nothing has changed.
How does your city rank?
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Mine is in the top 100 and my state is in the top 10. I don't know how reliable these rankings are. It can make a big difference exactly what they measure and how it's weighted. Any particular city can do well on one ranking and poorly on another.
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My area is still pretty safe. About 15 years ago, I realized my car keys were missing & I spent about 4 hours at Mission Viejo mall looking for them - I'd left them in my brand-new Toyota truck, in the IGNITION! But in Mission Viejo, a Toy isn't much of a status vehicle!
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I don't know about Perth, as far as Australian cities go. But it is generally considered quite dangerous because there's never anyone around! Even in the middle of the city on a Sunday afternoon it would be easy to get mugged/raped/attacked etc because it's like a ghost-town mostly and no-one would be there to witness anything.

Whereas if you were in Sydney, there's ALWAYS people around....weird....
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Los Angeles isn't listed in that article, so I don't know, but I don't think it's too safe here.
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Considering the size of Toronto, it's pretty safe here. When I was an insomniac, I would take walks at 1am and never encountered any problems. Although, the neighbourhood I used to live in wasn't as safe as the one I'm in now. I would have to say High Park is probably one of the safest and friendliest neighbourhoods in Toronto. So far, so good.

There are a couple of neighbourhoods here where gun violence is on the rise, but it is because of disputes between people who know each other. For the most part, it stays in their communities and I like it that way.
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Well, I think my Canadian city is the safest in Canada.
Ok, I lie.
Its likely the most unsafe but only for those who live dangerously.
Just because its the murder capital doesn't mean everyone is killing each other.
It means, like every other city, people kill people they know.
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I suppose for my city, it would really depend on where in the city you live. If you live on the aptly named Gold Coast, you're a lot safer than you'd be in, say, Wentworth Gardens or Cottage Grove.
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Weel, I grew up in Flint, Michigan, which is #4 on the list. I believe it! I'm always leery of a town where the gas stations have plexiglass protection for the staff!

Here's another listing.
I think my town is too small to be listed. And the nearest larger towns are so much safer than Detroit or Flint that I'm not surprised not to see them listed! Of course, I don't actually see ANY Illinois towns listed. I guess Chicago is neither safe nor unsafe! I know when I go to the museums, etc in Chicago, it feels very safe.
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i remember reading about camden being the most dangerous..scary scary stuff...its kind of difficult i lived in a small safe town for years and now that i go to chico state there are rapes/gang related crimes/stabbings happening more and more and its hard to get in the mind set of not walking alone at night (which i did for the longest time living in such a small safe town where the biggest news was just high school gossip lol)..i hope to find a safe safe place to live when im older/get a house!
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