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TLC & LIFE Network

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i am addicted to these channels.

in the morning on TLC i watch "a makeover story" (actually i channel change back & forth with that show and Today)

i also heart The View at 10.00 a.m.

TLC also has "trading spaces" which is my absolute favourite,
i try to tape them to catalouge some great ideas

LIFE network has "the real world", "weird homes" and many interesting, unique shows daily.

anyone else watch these channels religiously? if you dont, you should
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I'm a big TLC fan...I love trading spaces!!!!!!! We've gotten some great ideas from them! I also like the Baby story, and a makeover too!
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Whenever I've got a day off, I always watch TLC!! A makeover story, a baby story, a wedding story, a personal story, a dating story, trading spaces is awesome too(and my bf likes as well) But doesn't anyone find Page Davis annoying?? I liked Alex MaCloud better, but that's just me...
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I'm addicted to the foodnetwork, hgtv, tlc. I'm constantly switching back and forth. Trading spaces is one of my favorites but i'm not too crazy about the new host. How do you like her?
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falling rain, I agree. I obviously was too eager to post and didn't really read the entire post. she is annoying. Is a host entirely necessary? Couldn't they get the carpenters to do it.LOL. I like Ty he is so funny. I think he should have his own show.
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I never watched Trading Spaces when the old host was there, so I have nothing to compare Paige Davis too. She can get annoying sometimes, but I like her. She keeps it upbeat and fun, which is what the show is all about really.
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I love Trading Spaces, too. I taped it last night because I was falling asleep. I love to watch the reactions of the people. Paige is ok, but I really like Vern, the one designer, and Ty. He's a cutie, and very funny.

Sometimes the only reason I have cable is to watch TLC, Discovery, or BBC America. The British shows are much funnier than ours, I think, especially Absolutely Fabulous.
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I love both stations as well as A&E (any Bill Kurtis production). I love trading spaces - designer Frank is my fav, he is a wackadoodle! I love a make over story and dating story. I think Trama in the ER is one of the produced shows out there.
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I like TLC, too.
I like Lifetime & Liftetime Movie Network ..... both are excellent!
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