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It's not about the leash. I know plenty of people here on TCS that take their babies out on leashes that's cool. I just think you'll get a big shock when you take your kitty out and let him/her loose in a 3km park and then he/she doesn't come when called!
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The problem is that a breed doesn't guarantee a type of personality. A friend of mine adopted a wonderful adult cat some time ago. She is madly in love with her, Gatuna is a very special cat. We imagine that she's a cross breed of Norwegian.

She travels a lot as she lives in Toledo and her b/f in Valencia. Gatuna travels great.

When she finally decided for the second cat (two is the cats she can manage travalling) she chose a persian, thinking they were quiet, tranquil cat. Grisina is a hyperactive, disobedient, pestering little kit (just like I love them), and is driving my friend and Gatuna slowly crazy...
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Ragdolls are supposedly easy to train although any thing trained in my house where the cats are concerned is me. But, some breeders claim they train easily and can be trained on a leash, they are also called dogs in cats suits. My cats always come when I call them, when they want attention, but out side is a different story alltogether, they get freaked out and hide they wont even come to me, and their my babies, but I never allow them to go out so if they were used to being out on leashes they would probley do better, A woman that is sort of my mentor has sold two boys to a woman, they are so calm they take the cats camping, they walk on leashes or when tired ride in the stroller, so they can get used to it, but if the cat wants to. I also have a contract that requires them to be indoor kitties only, and if some one told me they wanted an indoor/outdoor kitty I would tell them another breeder they could try buying one from, but im sure they will feel the same, no cats of mine out with no leash. But, I think if done properly a ragdoll would be another breed along with the others mentioned could some what be what your looking at, start with that list and research these breeds till you have so much info on them, and then research some more.
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Check out the Manx. But be aware, you may not get
one that likes the leash.

My Didi baby (an all black mutt found in a litter
of Himalayans) never went on a leash. He
was an indoor outdoor fearless cat, until
I moved to Crystal City, VA. A city place,
he could not go out amid the high rises.
Until, one day I got the bright idea, i'd
put him on a leash and walk him!!

Well I took him out on the leash (in the middle
of a city, although at night when all was quiet)
he took to it like a duck to water, LOL!!!

None the other indoor/outdoor cats I've owned
would EVER go on a leash.

My other cat was so scared she sat down
and refused to move on the leash. She
was NOT leaving the apt!!

I think its because Didi was so bonded to me -
he's just one of the most awesome cool Dude
cats I've ever had. And he's a mutt...

Here's the Manx specs:

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