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My boyfriend and I just moved this weekend from an apartment to a house.
Obviously I took all the steps to keep our cats as terror-free as possible.
Now keep in mind that Luna is the odd cat of the 3. Luna and Beauty are always eyeing each other and Luna will bully Beauty. Patches and Luna sometimes play together, but Patches will get easily irritated.

This weekend, once we got the cats to the house, we closed them into the bathroom while we began to unbox and rearrange. I walked into the bathroom to check on the cats, only to see Beauty and Luna CUDDLING together in a corner! Beauty quickly got up like "You never saw any of this".

Then yesterday we were unpacking more, and I checked under the bed to find Patches and Luna cuddled together.

Totally amazes me how all territory boundries are off when a move is involved.

Feel free to share your stories here also!