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Crazy Kitty

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I was just wondering what is the craziest thing your cat has ever done?
Phenom got under the jacuzzi tub on Friday and got stuck in the floor/ceiling. I dont know how long she was in there but when i got home and she didnt come when i called her i panicked. We had to go into the attick to get her out. my poor silly kitty!
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Sibohan decides she needed to be at the other end of the house, unfortunately the dog was standing in her way, she jumped off a table onto the dogs head, onto the cat tree and under the bed. The dog never looked so confused in her life.

Duke somehow found his way onto a celing beam in my parents basement from there he waited for anyone tall to walk by and wacked them in the head. Unfortunately after he had his fun for a while he was too scared to jump down and had to get some help.
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