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My friend's cat

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The cat from my friend at work had had some kind of attacks two or three times a year where he vomits and then he falls to the side.
He looks rigid and almost diformed when this happens.
When she took him to the vet, they did'nt know what it could be. They recommended an scan but of course this costs money that my friend does not have.
It takes the cat a couple of hours to get back to normal.
Last time this happens a couple of days ago, when her husband pick him up from the floor he scratched him, something that is not normal for this cat that absolutely loves his owners.
Has anyone out there heard of attacks like this one.
She is desperate and since I am a cat lover and believe in the catsite forum, I offered to e mail you to see if someone can help with ideas or similar situations
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Er, sounds like epilepsy to me ... can your friend work out some sort of payment plan with her vet to get the scan and pay it off? It's very important...

Then again, it could be any number of things...here's a good link

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I agree sure sounds like a seizure of some sort....
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