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amber tarot & horoscopes

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i found the best site, you can get horoscopes, tarot readings,
all sorts of interesting things, and its *free*


you can also have them emailed to you everyday for free, it's wonderful.

that will be all from your giddy horoscope source,

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Well, that was depressing!

I am going from stability to chaos, a position of strength and vigor to misery, it will be caused by a dramatic event involving treachery and lies, and the outcome will be unfavorable to me. Does that mean things are going to get even worse?

Oh, joy. I'm so glad I did that.
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the great thing about this website, sunlion, is there are so many different options,
i.e. you can do a horoscope spread, one card tarot, 3 cards, you can ask a question, do runes, etc.

in other words, you can keep going until you get an answer you like :tounge2:
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i get my horoscope for the day, a one card tarot for the day, tarot: daily stress & mood for the day
and one rune reading for the day, out of all those something usually lifts me.

if not, it's fun to read with your coffee in the morning.
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sorry sunlion, didnt mean to make you feel worse.
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blue, it's not you, it's entirely me. Most of the time I can just shrug off a bad day or even joke (tho' maybe sarcastically) about a bad prediction. I was practically raised on M*A*S*H after all, black humor comes naturally to me! I'm just having an EXTREMELY rotten day and I'm overwhelmed so I'm not handling it well. I'll get over it, I'm a big girl.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, but hey I'd rather blow off steam online with you guys than have my kid see me fall apart, you know?
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Interesting site!! Aparently when I go off to university, I'm going to fail because of drinking and then I'll get knocked up...even though my boyfriend is going to be living 20 hours away!! (not good news for him either, I guess!) lol
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i think you should both give amber another shot ! cmon...
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I didn't undertand it. I asked my question and had them read it and the screen came out blank!
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Wow, I guess you have no future at all!

I'm sorry, it seems to be my day for teasing you! Please don't take offense!
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No offense taken, Sunlion! I am having fun, too. I need to wake up, though. Ever since I woke up this morning, I can't keep my eyes open.
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