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Eye colors changing?

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No this is not about cats. Do any of your eye colors change day to day? Mine go from blue to green back to blue. Different shades all the time. Nobody will believe me, but i thought somebody here would have had the same experience.

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Mine do that. I don't think they actually change, really; there's green and blue and gray there all the time. It just depends on what I'm wearing, the shadows around my eyes, eye makeup, etc.
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My mother wont believe that my eyes go green!
I have very light brown eyes
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Yes mine do to. So do my boyfirends. Green gray and blue for his and mine go from dark brown to hazel.
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yes, mine change all the time, depending on what I'm wearing, what the weather's like (more sunlight reflects them back brighter, and shows more blue), what my haircolor is, and my mood.

However, like it was stated before, they never *really* change color, it is only that the colors in your eyes are enhanced by the colors that frame you, and the dialation of your eyes.

When you are, for example, feeling an emotion very strongly, your eye muscles contract, and more color can be seen. I'm often told that the amber splashes in my eyes are more predominant when I'm upset, but then, more of the colored part of my eyes are seen at this time, and my skin gets very floushed, which brings out the gold.

Also, your syes will change colors slightly when you have different nutritive balances. The rims of your colored parts get darker when you have folic acid deficiencies, and you will have less color to your eyes when dehydrated.

By contrast, when sick because the eyes are excreting much more tears, and also when crying, the color of your eyes will be enhanced by the amount of fluid over the cornea, giving your eyes a deeper, richer hue. This is another of the many reasons why actors and actresses make a point of drinking lots of water.
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Mine are usually Irish Green. But if I wear a blue shirt they will turn a blueish green type color. Depends on what color shirt or coat I wear.
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Mine do that too-mine go from green to blue, but now I have colored contacts so they are always a really bright green, I love them
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When I'm playful they're a vibrant green; when I'm not feeling well they're gray; when I'm happy they're greenish blue; when I cry they're light turquoise.
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Fascinating explanation, Turtlecat! I've noticed that my 84-year-old father's blue eyes have developed pale, pale rings around them... your post may explain that.

I developed glaucoma a few years ago... the eyedrops I have to use for it are gradually turning my blue eyes darker, and will eventually make them brown.

My brother has greenish eyes, but one of them has a brown cloud! When he was a child, it was just a fine streak, but it has grown over the years. Women adore it. :-)
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Very interesting. I had actually had somebody tell me that it had something to do with the temperature or the weather...

I understand that it is not really changing, just expressing other colors within it. that is, nothing new actually appears. It just becomes visible.

And i could not possibly be wrong about it. I am very vain, and look in the mirror whenever i have a chance, , which is all day in our house
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One of my eyes is actually half green and half blue, but it's gotten fainter over the years. My eyes change a lot too, and throughout the course of my life so far they've been blue, green, and back to blue again. My eyes are something my husband loves about me on a physical level.
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Yes, mine do - I have grey, green, blue and brown in my eyes, and depending on what light I'm in, my eyes can look any one of those colours. On the best days though, you can see all of the colours.
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Mine do that too-mine go from green to blue, but now I have colored contacts so they are always a really bright green, I love them
Me too! I loved having the BRIGHT green eyes, but I swapped to a new contact brand that is better for my eyes, and they're colored ones suck! (in my opinion) You can like see the rim of color, and the "fake" flecks they tried to put it. So now I'm back to plain clear ones. My last brand was great, the lens was somehow tinted where you could barely tell looking at the lens itself, but made my eyes look so cool!
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mine also change everyday from gray to blue to green depending what i am wearing that day
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I have hazel eyes that change from hazel to brown to green depending on what I am wearing, but when I get really upset or really angry, they turn the most beautiful dark green! (I wish they would stay that way all the time without me having to be upset! lol)
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Mine have always been like that. They are grey, but change from blue to green to teal to almost hazel. People don't believe me when I tell them, until they see it happen.
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