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Well this is a start.

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Well I have been asked to give a power point presentation this Sunday to the stray animal forum formerly the stray dog forum of Ireland (We pushed to get cats recognized this year) I was not given much notice, but I am more than happy to present the plight of Irelands feral's on their behalf.But I only have one shot to get the message across and belive you me there are many who will wan' t to see this fail miserably.
And will happily advocate a mass cull for our feral's as being the cheaper alternative, which we all know will NOT work long term.
The alternatives as I see them is.
1. Mass trap neuter return funded or at least subsidized at local government level for each county. I have to state my case on proven facts that Trap and euthanase does not work since there are many who would like to see this happen...And even with some "some feline rescue groups" This is common practice.
However there is no studies for Ireland we don't even have concise information on how many cats are TNR or euthanased each year. Some groups are using FIV as a factor to euthanase claiming that 80% of Irish cats are carriers, they can't give scientific facts to prove this, and I feel that the figures are very wrong, but the fact is they are the folks that the politicians will listen too.
These groups would be our ISPCA..
2. Early neutering and spaying for feral kittens. I know in some parts of the US this is done with great results at 8 weeks. I have the reports, but if anyone has first hand experience of early spay I would appriciated their views good or bad.
Again human nature seems to get in the way when I talk about early spaying, some think it is bordering on cruel. I think it is more cruel to leave an un altered cat/kitten behind.
3.Contraception for cats. Which I am finding hard to glean if this concept has moved any further forwards from the 2002 report I have. The single injection which renders both males and females sterile.
Anyother information that would help me state my case would be very much appriciated.
Love n stuff Jan and Co. If I have put this in the wrong section please move
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Go to www.alleycat.org which is the Alley Cat Allies group. They will have all the info you need!

Best of luck on your presentation!

Remember, you should not need a lot more money-they money they are now wasting to trap and euthanize cats can be used for TNR. Get some vets to agree to low cost spays and neuters to help it be cost effective. Try to get some people who will agree to feed the colonies.

In my county, we charge $15 for feral spay/neuter at the clinics, so it is not a free service, but certainly is a huge discount.

Here is a link from their website. I think you should print out copies of this newsletter to pass out to people at the meeting! http://www.alleycat.org/pdf/aca_fall_05.pdf
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Jan, that is wonderful news!! Yes, it's a small start, but a start nonetheless. I will be offering prayers for your continued success!! I love Beckiboo's
advice & think that it is the best thing you could do! Together, cat lovers of the world can unite & create a better earth for cats This is so EXCITING - I am really looking forward to how your presentation goes. And remember, the rest of your TCS family is with you in mind & spirit, rooting for you ALL THE WAY!! And {{{prayers and vibes}}} that your words find touch open minds & open hearts, so that the cats of Ireland can be helped!! Susan
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Fingers crossed it works. I have heard how bad the situation is in Ireland. There is a rescue near me that have been doing early spay/neuter for at least 14 years now, and haven't had any issues - I think they have only lost one dog, but he had an undiagnosed heart murmur, so the same could have happened if they neutered at 6 months anyway. I might be able to find an article about it not affecting cats etc. I don't like the idea of the contraceptive injection - you still have to catch the cat, putting it in the food isn't good enough, and it still leaves them open to pyometra, mammary and testicular cancer.
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At the catwriters' convention a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet an author who has been behind TNR since almost the beginning. Her latest book TNR Past Present and Future is now sitting on my desk and it chronicles the history of TNR Movement. Her name is Ellen Perry Berkeley, and she is absolutely delightful. If you would like, I will contact her and ask her if she will assist you on this very important project?

Also, I have heard from those who have spay and neutered kittens (instead of waiting for the 6 month mark) They tell me the kittens are much more sociable, amiable and not so prone to the midnight "kitten krazies"
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If you PM me I can give you the email address of an Irish-born feral cat activist who is now living in the US but returns to Ireland a couple of times a year. One thing she does a lot is shipping traps from the US to Ireland since it is much cheaper for her to do so than to purchase traps in Ireland.
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Thank you all for your support. Well the day has dawned and I am wee bit nervous, but I have to get my point across calmly and informatively.
Can you believe with all the TNR info that there are some groups who still use euthanasia as a viable means of cat reduction, it's them I am up against and the public who want quick fixes.
Again thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know you guys understand what we are up against and indeed I think I think I know the super Irish born but now lives in America gal...Without giving too much away.And she does so much for Irish cats and rescues.
The author, I shall get in contact with also.

So do I break a leg is that what they say, I just hope I don't stumble walking onto the stage.Will report back later

Love n stuff Jan and co.
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Anxiously waits to here how it went...
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Anxiously waits to here how it went...

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