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Ummm...I usually don't ask for this type of thing but...

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here goes.

As many of you know, I've been in India for the past two weeks and some change. I am leaving to go home tonight. While my trip hasn't been *bad* it hasn't been all chocolate and roses either (bad hotel stay when other colleagues who had been here before me stayed at 5-star resorts -- then given grief when I could get into said resorts, drivers getting lost, friends getting sick, etc)...but I have been having panic attacks all weekend...I guess because I've been by myself most of the trip (becoming a first-name basis with the hotel staff) and b/c I don't feel comfortable going out w/o any colleagues (have been by myself for most of the time).

Every time I get more calm, I start to sort of hyperventilate and anxiety takes over . I think it's a combination of not only anxiousness, but loneliness and longing to see my poopy cats and my BF

So in order to keep from having a mental breakdown within the next few hours, and particularly, to keep it together on my flight (don't want to be the "weird passenger" LOL), can you guys spare any good and positive vibes you can for me. Thanks - I owe you all one!
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I'm sorry your trip wasn't a good as you hoped

Just think positively that you are on your way home now to be with your cats and boyfriend who are anxiously anticipating your return to welcome you!

Try to stay calm (I know - difficult!) by taking deep breaths and clearing your mind - shut your eyes and it'll help! If you feel at all panicked, breath! You can also pinch the skin between your thumb and forefinger and release it slowly (breathing at the same time), then repeat on the other hand!

Sending lots of calming and relaxing }}}VIBES{{{ your way!
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Sending strength and tranquility your way! Perhaps you could bring along an interesting book for your flight to keep your mind occupied. or just close your eyes and imagine how absolutely blissful you'll feel the moment you see your precious kitties and your boyfriend!
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oh Taryn - (((MEGA HUGS)))
I am so sorry to hear about all of this. No doubt this hasnt lead to a good trip.

your going to do just FINE on the trip home - you know why? because soon your going to be in the arms of Charlie and then before you know it Cassiopeia and Napoleon are gonna be cuddling with you!! how wonderful is that?

looking forward to hearing that you got home safely - missed you!!
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Oh, I`m sorry that you are not enjoying yourself....but your kitties (and BF) will be glad to have you home....just try to keep thinking about all the head butts you`re going to get when you get home!!! (& hugs from BF too)
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