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Hi everyone!! My name is Jessica and I'm the proud owner of 4 cats, Mitzi, Xavier, Fallon and Sampson.
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Welcome Jessica
Love your kitty names
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Welcome to the site!!!! I've got 2 cats, Noah and Cloepatra. Tonnes of fun, and a handful at times!!

Looking forward to seeing your posts!
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Hi and welcome

I'm Leanne and I have 2 cats, a guinea pig and a hedgehog. THe cats are Misty and Nigel. Misty looks like a Maine Coon and Nigel is all black. What about your four cuties?
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Well let's see Mitzi is a 14yr black and white Domestic Shorthair, She's the old lady of the bunch. Xavier is a year and a half old black Domestic shorthair. Fallon is a 2yr black and white Domestic shorthair. She looks exsactly like Mitzi but weighs about 10 pounds less. Sampson is a 3yr grey and white Persian.
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Awwww they sound so cute hehehe, but then most cats are I think.
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Welcome to TCS. I hope to hear all about your babies. They sound adorable!
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