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Little Sunday not well

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I have an appointment to take Sunday to the vet tomorrow but in the meantime I was hoping someone may have some advice.

The last two days in a row she has pooped on the bed. She has never done this her whole life, even as a kitten - and even the time I accidentally shut the door so she couldn't get to her litter for a day!!

She also has a little discharge from both of her eyes - only every few days.

Apart from that she is fine - eating and drinking normally (seems a little bit thirstier than usual) - same level of energy (ie - none...lol) and still loving and affectionate as always.

The kitties have had a little bit of stress in their lives recently with the arrival of the puppies (a few months apart) and I have just recently (about two weeks ago) changed their diet.

Sunday is usually fine with dogs (brought up with German Shepherds) but a couple of times lately Ruby has got a bit too close and has been rewarded with a hiss and a swat across the nose, as has Chester. You could sit on Sunday normally and she wouldn't bat an eyelid - it takes a lot to upset her.

Could all these things combined be making her more likely to get sick? As I said, she's going to the vet tomorrow, but I'm concerned nonetheless.
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sending prayers ... how old is Sunday??
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She's nearly seven.
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She is a touch young but please get her a geriatric or senoir panel...
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