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Supposedly sterile cat coming into heat?

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Im not sure if this goes here or not but its about mykitten Peanut Butter. When i joined here near the time i got PB at 4 weeks of age, we had to get in to see a vet. the other littermates and PBs mom are all calicos. PB is a tabby with white and he also has two patches of tan on him (one under a leg and one near his "waist". We have taken PB to 5 vets since we got him-- the last two confirmed he is a hermaphrodite. ( the previous vets couldnty agree on a sex for pb) We did xrays and ultrasounds to confirm. The vets told me that PB would be sterile and that they could not find any testes inside during the U/S and did not find a fully developed female reproductive system. There is a penis when you squeeze and there is also a vaginal opening. Both the last two vets confirmed this. PB is 6-7 months old now and has always been vocal but his voice has gotten deeper more of a yowling and its not constant. I have been around cats in heat and PB is subdued compared to the cats in heat i have seen. Whenever he is alone he starts the yowling and cries out like 3 times and i call out to him to come here. He will come to me and is quiet. He only does these yowling episodes like 2 times per day. usually in the evening when its quiet. He has not become more affectionate either. He doesnt arch his tail up when you pet him either.

Could PB be in heat? are there any other signs i can look for for heat? We have had an appointment for him to be altered ( 400$) to remove both female and male organs if present at the end of this month regardless as i dont want testicular cancer or uterine cancer being a possibility in his future-- how long will this last if it is heat? What else can i expect? Is this common in hermaphrodite cats?
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I don't know much about hermaphroditic cats or how long heat lasts (we haven't had any unaltered cats in more than a decade), but if PB has ovaries, then he certainly could be in heat. The ovaries produce the hormones which lead to heat, so if they're there and functioning, that could explain the symptoms. I'm glad you are having him fixed as it will prevent future health problems. In the meantime, keep him inside at all costs in case the vets were wrong about his being sterile.
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You are a very special kitty... please stay in until mommy takes you for your appt..
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If this is a heat cycle, it will last around a week. You are definitely doing the right thing by taking PB to be altered. Poorly developed gonads usually become cancerous sooner or later so it's better to just get everything that resembles a reproductive organ out of him (her?). Then PB will have a long, happy, totally normal life with you.
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