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Hello everyone, my name is Pete, I'm 17, from the UK and I'm new to this forum. I have a Siamese kitten called Ally by the way

Hope to talk to you all soon...
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Welcome to TCS Pete! You will enjoy your time here!
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Hi Pete!
Welcome to The Cat Site! It's a wonderful place filled with good information and good people. If you have any questions or concerns about your kitten, just ask, we are always ready and willing to help.
Enjoy yourself, and I hope to see you posting often!
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Hey there! Welcome!! I like siamese cats; nice markings. I've got 2 cats, Noah and Cleopatra. Like Lorie said, any help with questions you have, don't hesitate to ask us here. There is no stupid question either....well, contrary to the post about the stupidest questions a pet store has had...anyways, we're all here to help and be helped!!

Gonna go now...
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Hello and Welcome,
This is a great forum. Lots of info and everyone is nice.
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Welcome Pete - hope to see you post often. Post pics of Ally
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