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stray found

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I just found a declawed stray and brought it into the garage as a temporary home with food and water and litter box. . I have a cat and am concerned about spreading of disease. I am washing my hands and keeping the animals seperate by keeping the straY in the garage is there anything else I should do until I get her to a shelter or rescue? I just could not leave a completely declawed cat outside to try and take care of itself.
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Sounds like your doing the right thing. By keeping her away from your cat and hand washing. But are you sure the cat is a stray? If the cats declawed she is some ones pet. And likely got outside. I would check around in your neighborhood to make sure shes not someones lost pet.
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I agree that this cat could be a lost pet. Check with shelters and vets to see if someone reported a lost cat fitting the description. Sometimes people put lost pet ads in the local paper so that is another place to check. And of course ask around the neighborhood.
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poor sweet thing! thankyou for taking her in. Yes she is most likely someones pet, however there is a change that you may not find the owners of course.

Your most certainly doing the right thing by keeping them seperated. Does she seem frightened? scared? I would keep talking to her and trying to let her know she is safe and no harm will come to her. Maybe get her to a vet and see if she is mircochipped? and have them check her over?

GOOD LUCK!! and thankyou for taking this little one in.
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Welcome to TCS! I agree with the others about trying to find her previous owners. How is her general conditon,BTW? Does she look like she's been on her own for awhile? If so, she could be far from home. It sounds to me like you're doing everything right. IF you have any thoughts about maybe keeping her, you might try having your own cat lay on an old towel & then place it near the stray, where she can get used to your cat's scent. You could also put some of your cat's used litter in a box, after the stray seems adjusted to the garage, in a far-off spot, not near enough to be threatening, in preparation for the introduction, provided that the vet gives you the "thumbs-up". I am so grateful that you are willing to rescue this cat off the streets - without her claws, oh, I just shudder to think....
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