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I made up my mind!!!

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I have been talking about losing weight for quit a long time.... Well, I just realized how bad my weight problem is. After my uncles funeral I couldn't get two of my rings off. They are very specail rings to me. One is my grandmothers wedding ring. (she passed away 5 years ago on Nov. 25th) the second ring is a ring my father bought my mother when she was 17 years old.
My cousin had to cut them off my finger, it hurt so bad. I tried everything to get them off. It truely opened my eyes to the health path I had choosen. I have now decided to stop eating when I am bored or down on life. I also am no longer eating before I go to bed. I am praying I can keep it up, not only to lose weight, but for my health!!!
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Good luck Erin! I know how difficult it can be to lose weight, especially with so many stresses on your mind right now. But I am praying you find your inner strength and stick to it!
post #3 of 14 go Girl!!! Good luck and tons of will power to ya!
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The most important thing is NOT eating after 8 o'clock. Don't eat things high in carbohydrates and fats. Excersize lots. You don't have to do crunches or pushups, just do any activity that will make you sweat. Running works great. Go outside or to a gym and just run around the block a few times. This takes time. If you keep a steady routine, and only eat about three times a day, you will lose weight in no time.
Remember, eat in the morning. What I do is I drink tea with lemon and sugar in the morning. Starts up your body good. Just avoid deep fried foods, peanuts, foods high in cholesterol, fats, carbs, and calories. In the morning I would recommend eating Kashi cereal or some other kind of light cereal with skim milk. You can try regular milk if you prefer the taste.
AVOID ice cream. Lots of useless calories and sugar there.
Try to eat as little bread as possible - preferrably none. Once again, remember to be very active, atleast 2 hours a day. Run, walk, whatever. Just be active and maintain equillibrium with your body. Ask your husband/boyfriend to get rid of all the candy in the house. Hope that helps, good luck!
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Bravo Erin!! you go girl know you always have a support system of good friends here!
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You can do it. My husband and I are doing the same. He has lost 13 and I have lost 7. We count calories and walk at least two miles every day. Lots of luck.
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Good for you! That is great! Good luck!

I eat foods that are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium. Moderation is the key for losing weight, but you have to eat enough to keep your metabolism up--you don't want it crashing because you will gain weight. I eat smoothies for breakfast, of whatever fruit I can find. Sometimes I add yogurt (watch the sugar), natural (no sugar, syrups, etc.) peanut butter for healthy fat, flax seed for fiber, honey for some added sweetness, and Sugar-Free Carnation Instant Breakfast for flavor--mostly chocolate, yum! I usually eat a smoothie for lunch also. For dinner, I cook something heart-healthy. If it's good for your heart, it will most likely be weight-smart as well. Carbs aren't terribly important if you burn them off. Your body needs energy, which is what carbs are. Trust me, you will feel awful if your intake of carbs is too low, and the bigger you are the more you need.

Any time you burn off more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. Just remember that it's a seemingly slow process, but that is the healthiest way to do it. If you have a lot to lose, you want to lose it at a healthy pace or you will have flabby skin--like people who get weight-loss surgery. Even the people on Biggest Loser lose their weight unproportionally because they lose it so quickly.

Good luck!
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I wish you all the best. THE most important thing I did to lose approx. 75 lbs. in almost 3 years (not earning any speed records, but that's ok), is I made up my mind to never quit.

My motto? The only way I can fail to lose, is if I quit. I just don't quit.

When I've had urges to go off the plan that works for me, I have a little voice that pops up and says "that's ridiculous" or "nice try", or "right, yah, I'm going to eat that..not!". It has been wonderful, and that voice comes out of all of me being unified on this - conscious and sub-conscious, I will not quit.

I eat a higher protein, higher fat, balanced carb intake plan, does wonders for both my cholesterol and my blood sugars contrary to what many would expect.

I cook from scratch as often as possible - real foods, raw fresh veggies, meats that aren't preformed, frozen, injected with solutions, try to avoid any carb with high fructose corn syrup, and find that whole grains, nuts and dark chocolate are much better tolerated by me than a slice of white bread.

Find what works best for you and then do not go off.
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This is wonderful! The sense of DECISION you describe is what I've heard so many people talk about who have been successful in losing weight -- I think it means you're gonna MAKE it, by golly! :-D

I need to do the same thing, desperately. I'm not only overweight, but also diabetic, and I can feel the effect on my heart already. Would you be interested in starting a sort of weight-loss support-group thread, where people like us could talk things over and encourage each other?
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I just joined up at the gym last week, because i am unhealthy i nearly fainted on thursday with in 5 minutes of training.

When you are bored, go out of the house and take a walk! this way it prevents you from eating, you get excersize and fresh air!
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Good for you Erin!!
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Erin, whatever you do CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Don't just start a large scale exercise program without proper supervision. Your doctor will know your health issues and he can put you on a safe program that won't overtax your heart or mess up your system.
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Originally Posted by hissy
Erin, whatever you do CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Don't just start a large scale exercise program without proper supervision. Your doctor will know your health issues and he can put you on a safe program that won't overtax your heart or mess up your system.
Will do!
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Good luck! I just joined Curves, so I'll be sweatin' it out with you! (in spirit at least )
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