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I did it! (sort of...)

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well, I had set myself some goals for how much school work I would do this weekend. Turns out the original goals were not very realistic so I updated my goals today

Anways, I did it. I finished all the work I set out to do (according to my new goals). I spent most of the day Friday and Saturday at the library working and today I got up at 6:30 to start again. Now I just finished what I set out to do (at around 8:30pm)

Now I keep getting bad thoughts... like the kitchen needs to be cleaned, I should put away the laundry, etc. Somebody stop me! I need to force myself to take the rest of the evening off and have a relaxing time. I'm thinking maybe a bubble bath, something with chocolate, a rum-based beverage and my favorite Radiohead cd in the cd player.

Or maybe I should just scrub the bathtub instead
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I say take the time for yourself, take a load off, and relax! You did it and accomplished all that hard work. Cheers!
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I vote for the bubble bath, chocolate and music! You can clean anytime!
RELAX and enjoy yourself...you deserve it!!!
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Run that bath, Honey, and get in, before you have any more destructive thoughts. And congratulations on achieving your (revised) goals.
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