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Poor Bijou

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We noticed today that Bijou has hurt both his front paws. The outer claw on each paw has been bleeding a bit and they look sore. There is a small cut on one of them. Jennifer is going to take him to our vet tomorrow to have them look at it. Mika was licking his paws this afternoon when they were curled up together in the rocking chair - I guess she knows he has sore feet. John says he's sure it's really nothing, but Jen and I want to make sure so she is taking him in tomorrow.
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Oh, dear! Poor sweet boy -- I hope it's nothing serious.
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Aw, poor Bijou . He's so lucky to have a sweet and caring sister (as well as a loving human family). I can imagine he's in some pain right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that the vet can fix whatever is wrong quickly .
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Thanks folks. Maybe Jen and I are over-reacting and it's nothing, but I'd prefer to be safe than sorry. He's our baby boy.
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awwww poor baby! we hope that everything is fine and that he gets better soon. hugs headbutts kisses and snuggles from all of us
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Thanks folks. Maybe Jen and I are over-reacting and it's nothing, but I'd prefer to be safe than sorry. He's our baby boy.
There is no such thing as overreacting when comes to Bijou. I hope it goes well tomorrow with the vet and it is something minor.
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Poor little Bijou!
It may just be the change of seasons and the cold, dry air has his little kitty cuticles a bit cracked--I know my skin is super dry right about now, so I'm sure in Canada it's even worse.
Anyway, keep us all posted and best of luck!
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Poor Bijou feel better soon
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No way are you over reacting, I think we'd all do the same thing!

I hope that Bijou's paws are better soon and Mika (and his human family) continues to take great care of him!

Please do let us know how it goes at the vets!
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Our sweet and gentlemanly Bijou! It's good to know he has a wonderful family to take good care of him. Good kitty wishes with our paws together for him.
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Good vibes and kittie kisses to Bijou!
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Poor Bijoux. Sending prayers and good vibes his way.
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Bijou & his sweet paws will be in my thoughts today.
It is not possible to overreact when it comes to your precious boy's health.
Let us know what his vet thinks is going on.
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Oh poor baby - maybe he got caught on something and tried to pull free injuring his claw. I sure everthing will be fine.

Plenty of hugs to your baby
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Poor baby! Are your window screens on the inside? I have had to help Oliver unstick his claws from them before.
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We just clipped his nails earlier in the week so I don't know how he could have gotten them caught on something, but who knows. My poor beautiful little boy. Thanks for all the good vibes everyone. I'm just waiting to hear from my daughter now as to what the vet says.
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Oh lots of good vibes going to Bijou!
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I hope Bijou's sweet paws are better soon.
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Jen just talked to the vet and after several questions from the vet we have decided to take Bijou in to see her. Jen has an appointment for 2:30 this afternoon. I'll let you all know how he's doing. I'm really anxious myself right now.
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Good vibes for Bijou from us all here, especially from Persil! I do hope it's nothing that a quick visit can't fix.
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The poor little sweetie!!! Sedning LOTS of good vibes his way!
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Poor Bijou. I wonder what he could have gotten them caught on? Do you have heating grates or radiators? Jamie ripped a claw out when it got caught in the top of a radiator, and one of my mom's dogs really cut his feet on the air vent (the grate has been replaced since then).
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Continued good vibes for Mr Bijou. Waiting anxiously for word. I hope it's something easily dealt with. Poor sweet Bijou Poor Mum Poor Sis
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Ok, Bijou has been seen by the vet and she said that it looks as though he got caught and tried too hard to get away. She said there is no swelling and he has no temperature and that he should heal nicely but we are to keep an eye on him so he doesn't climb anything.

Maybe my husband will listen to me and not let him outside for a few days - one can only hope.

I'll need to give him extra loving tonight as he wasn't a happy camper at the vet. Jen said he was cowering, poor little fellow.

I'm just glad he didn't have an infection.

Thanks for all your good vibes and prayers folks.

Love from Bijou and his family.
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Glad to hear it's nothing serious, Linda.

So, Bijou -- what were you into, to do that to yourself? You be careful, now, so that you heal quickly -- OK?
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I'm a bit miffed with my DH. He called to find out what the vet said and when I told him, he said he knew it wasn't anything to worry about and that he was glad I had the money to throw away on a vet visit for nothing!

Men! It's probably his fault that Bijou hurt his paws in the first place because he lets him outside while he's working in the garage and doesn't watch him like he should. Last night about 10 pm he couldn't find Bijou because he had gotten out of his harness. I took a flashlight and went looking for him and when I called him he came thanks goodness. Why are men so stubborn and sure they are so right? We have a lot of issues around this - I don't want Bijou outside at all and he thinks it's only fair to let Bijou out. Grrrrrrr.

Other than that, he's a really good husband and father, just stubborn.
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we sorry!
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Linda i've just caught up with this now

I'm so pleased it's nothing serious though and that Bijou should heal ok

Aren't you pleased your a woman when it comes to thinking smart

No offence you chaps!.
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I hope Bijou is okay, When I first got Sibohan she had been found walking near a busy highway, she had had kittens (they were never found) and her paw pads were so chapped and bleading that she could scarsely walk. When I adopted her she had been a serogate mother, because she was still produceing milk, and her paws were bandaged. After the cuts healed I started rubbing a prescription cream from the vet into her pads because they were so dry and cracked.... it took months but she now has soft little pink and black pads. I know this probably dosn't help Bijou's situation but does go to show that even when paws are hurt cats can bounce back with the care of a good owner. Take care of your kitty *hugs*
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