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They made a mistake and now i must pay $$??

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man on top of having a hectic weekend things just keep getting worse...i am in college and i dont know if anyone deals with the VA or their benefits..but i just dont know what i should do in my particular situation...

since i wasnt taking the 'full amount' of units they wrote me a letter saying i wasnt getting the full benefit payment..so i was like whatever with that and expected to get a certain amount..come the day i get paid i end up getting the full..which i was suprised but i figured thats awesome too..so from aug 22-oct 31 i got 837 or something like that..mind you i have to pay for my rent/other crazy bills it doesnt last long.

i get this letter saying how i was overpaid for the period and it is a debt i must repay. but they also say they sent me a letter explaining that they have reduced my benefits..so i dont know how i ended up getting the full amount.

its already a pain in the butt even dealing with all of this mumbo jumbo..but now i have to wait till monday to even find out what i owe. they say i can appeal the decision..and i have a year...of course i'll hopefully find out more info soon. but depending on how much it is to pay back for THEIR mistake i just want to write a letter or i dont know what kind of evidence i can put forth to show why i shouldnt have to pay back. if its not a lot i dont think it would make a huge difference..but if its over 500 bucks..this is just the worst way to end my weekend and start my thanksgiving break. now i have to call my mom and explain this ....situation... i dont know if anyone has any lending advice, has had something like this happen...or just plain doesnt know but offers something..goooooooooooooooosh
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They're the government. Not much you're going to do to combat it. If you owe, I expect you will have to repay. If you don't, I suspect they will not continue to give you any benefits at all. Last year I was being overpaid at my job and wasn't even aware of it. I had to pay back every cent when the error was discovered.
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ic. thank you! man i love our gov i am going to call or hopefully find out tom. what the payment is...but i will probably just try to write an appeal letter anyway to see how it goes. thank you for letting me know!!!

i just hope they give me..time..to pay it back?? or did you have to pay back everything all at once from your paycheck? or did you make payments....
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I was able to make payments. A woman who this happened to the year before me actually made a very tiny payment. Drawback, of course, is that it took her forever to repay. Perhaps they can withhold from your next check instead?
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m...that would be possible except i really need it to pay my rent..which is 525..and im going to get just 627 now..i'd be able to make payments..i dont think it would exceed 500 bucks..when i do the math for two months i was just 400 bucks over..but then i got paid for a week in aug..so...and i have a smaaaaall side job where i get like 130-150 twice a month..so i'd rather still get my checks but make payments..otherwise my mom and i will go broke because she also helps me for rent and this dec. she is paying my tuition (only like 400 bucks though) so i am paying almost all my rent this month...thankfully spring sem. i am taking FULL TIME school so this mistake CANT be made! haha.
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I've been getting a VA pension, for several years. Usually, any overpayments are deducted directly from subsequent checks. Definitely call them and work out a payment schedule that won't put too big of a crimp in your budget.
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