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Sweetest Moments?

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I was thinking about how sweet my crew is, really so very sweet and wonderful. I thought I'd start a thread which details the sweetest moments with fuzzbutts, those moments where you know beyond any doubt that they love you, know who you are, and are just perfect cat moments.

Esse: Her sweetest moment is when she crawls into my lap (all 20 pounds of her), and grroms my eyebrows. While it hurts, it is adorable and wonderful.

Pie: When she comes to bed, curls up next to my pillow, turns the light on, and goes to sleep. I let the lamp stay on for a while, and just cuddle her. The sweetest part of that is when she lets me circle her with my arm, and slide her close in.

Abby: When she thumps on me. She's still very young, and hasn't figured out yet how to headbutt without her entire weight being thrust against me. She loves to thump my head...and I push back into her head and neck, and her motor just goes. She's got a diesel motor. We can do this for 10 minutes at a time.

Charlotte: When Charlotte, who is terribly aloof and independent, comes to my head (usually when I'm asleep) and starts kneading my hair. She doesn't always control her claws well, but it's always such a heartmelting moment when she comes over and voluntarily cuddles with me like that.

Simon: When he's sleepy and comes into my lap when I'm wearing my bathrobe. He likes to get inside my robe, next to my heart, and just sleeps there for hours at a time, purring and drooling. He fusses when I move, but stays right there with me until he is ready to get up and play again.

Pengy: When she hops up into the Papa-san chair next to the computer while I'm there, relaxes into the softness of the chair, and goes to sleep...while within arm's reach.

So, what are your sweetest moments with your brood?

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I envy the way your cats are. I wanted a lap cat, but picked breeds that are known to be independent.

Jesse James is my love bug. He sleeps on a pillow next to my head sometimes and will headbut my chin. That's about the extent of loving from the cats around here.

Riley will rub up against my leg if his food dish is empty.

Savannah will very occasionaly sit on my lap. If I pet her for more than 5 seconds she is gone. If I just ignore her, she will stay.

Zeke will talk your ear off and loves to play but isn't a cat who likes to sit on your lap.

They are "people" cats though, into everything and have to help you with whatever it is your happen to be doing. They greet you at the door and stay very close. They just don't want to held or pet most of the time

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Bobbie, I don't remember your kitties' ages, but if they're young, they may come around.

Suzy is our little recluse, and she does not like to be held at all, but she'll accept a scritch, sometimes a longish one, and when she reciprocates with her tender little licks on my hand, that is very lovely.

Cindy is my lovebug. She is the truest lapcat of the the three, and is the only one who actively looks for lap time, doesn't want to share it with the computer, etc. There are so many heart-melting moments with her, it's hard to choose. I think the one that gets to me most, though, is when she's snuggled in my arm, and looks over her shoulder at me, with those lovely golden lanterns of hers. I'm getting teary just describing it.

Fawn is our perpetual kitten. She's four and a half and only now, beginning to get the idea about cuddling ON a human. She's OK about being picked up, but not for long, and she and I often have little smooch sessions on the bathroom vanity -- just the right height for lots of touching without having to be held. But yesterday, when Cindy and I were curled up in the chair by the window, Fawn came up onto the back of the chair, and spent quite a while there, nosing in my hair. That was very sweet. I could definitely get used to that.

She also, later on, got up on Rob, when he was lying down on the chesterfield, and lay on his chest for probably a half hour. So, Bobbie, there may be hope for some lapcats, yet

Thanks for starting this thread, Michele, I love your babies' tender times -- they're such sweet individuals, aren't they?
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In my case, its hard to tell really.
Both of my kittens are extremely good. I mean at 6 weeks old I could leave them locked outside the room for half a day, come back, open the door to my room, and they would go to the litterbox and defecate.
Now, at about 12 weeks old, they play with each other, run around like lunatics, and purr alot. When they are about to nap or wake up from a nap, I pet them and scratch their necks, and they will begin to purr.

They constantly jump on my lap. My legs look like they have been mauled by a lion, as my friend says. If I pet them after they wake up from a nap and go to the computer, they will get up and follow me wanting me to pick them up and pet them.
I am really surprised at how they turned out. I found them at about 3 weeks old, feral.
They have domesticated so much, its amazing. The only problem now is that they will occasionally jump on the 3,000$ sofa in the living room. My dad just takes out a belt and whips it on the floor, and they scurry back to my room. I actually found that to work rather well. They rarely jump on the furniture anymore.
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Aw, I just love reading about these moments!

Ophelia is our little nurse. She often knows before we do that we are really sick, like I am now. For the past 3 nights she has not left me. Even though I'm horribly restless and waking up at least every hour (which she normally lets me shift maybe 3 times at night before she gets sick of it and leaves), she will just go down to the end of the bed and let me get comfortable and then come back up to cuddle. She's been so cuddly with me, and I know that she thinks that her way of making me feel better.

With Trent, there are a couple times. One is that every morning before I go to work, and every night before I come to bed, we must have special Mommy-Baby time. This is our time in the living room where it's just him and me and we love and have pets and scritches. The other time is when I'm sitting on the couch (which isn't terribly often) and he will come up for snuggles. He insists on being held like a baby, with me rubbing his tummy, and he will give tons of kisses before drifting off to a purring sleep.
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My favourite things with Bijou is bedtime. He comes up beside me, lays down and I cover him to just under his front legs, he suckles on my neck and kneads my face for a moment, then stretches out with his head on my pillow facing me and will give my eyelids and eyebrows and nose a lick before sighing and laying down. Last night after this ritual he moved his head and put his forehead against my forehead, sighed and went to sleep. Then he started twitching - his ears and paws which he had on my neck.

Sometime during the night he will turn over and curl up under my arm and chin.

Mika isn't particularly affectionate with me and John but is very much so with Jennifer - after all she is Jennifer's cat. She just has to hear Jennifer's voice and she'll go running to find her. If she is sleepy and Jennifer isn't around or is busy, she'll lay on my chest and sleep for as long as I can sit still.
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I love that Toby always dives head first under his bunk bed first thing in the morning, with just his butt and tail sticking out....waiting for me to "get his butt" . While i`m scritching above his tail he starts sharpening his claws on the underside of the bed and purring like crazy.
I also love that Tedy will come running and squeeze through the bathroom doorway as it`s going shut (sometimes at the last possible second!) because he thinks that it is his own personal responsibility to head butt the legs of anyone going potty.
I also love how they both like to lay on the back of my Hubbys recliner and groom his head......esp when they lick enough that the hair starts to stand up straight on his head. I also LOVE that he lets them do it! TOO FUNNY!
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My little Pearl is so precious... always full of love and affection, always ready to play. I can be sitting here at the computer, ignoring her for an hour at a time, but if I glance up and see her across the room and our eyes meet, she instantly puts one little paw out toward me and tips her head sideways, asking for my hand so she can lay her cheek in it.

I have no resistance to this. Whether she's within reach or at the other end of the apartment, I drop what I'm doing and go give her my hand.

Gosh, I get teary just thinking of her! I think she's napping in the bedroom... I'd better go give her a snuggle. :-)
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the sweetest moments with my kallie are in the mornings when she relizes i am awake and curls up with me and meows at me letting me know its breakfast time
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Gandalf is my lap cat. He loves jumping up on my lap when I'm on the computer and just settles right in and grunt/purs (not really a pur, not really a grunt something inbetween.) I snuggle him close and he'll fall asleep.

Samwise on the other hand doesn't like being on my lap but loves to be picked up and a snuggled against my shoulder and petted. He has a really loud motor (purr). Also yesterday, I was home all day and in the evening sat down and watched tv. He stretched out beside me on the couch and napped for hours on his back. He likes to get between me and couch back, kind of like he's sandwiched in.
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