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DT for Sat 3/16

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Goodmorning. Hope everyone is well.

I am in a jolly ole' mood today, it started out beautifully. Pouring rain here ( which we desperately need actually ), a beautiful lovely post from a member here that seems to love me so much and I have to venture out to do errands in the nasty weather. Oh yes, I am in a great mood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!

My friend is visiting today, and we had planned on going to the mall and do some fun stuff. But the weather stinks and I don't even want to get dressed, nevermind go outside! But I have to, so I am getting off of this computer and getting my butt in gear now!

Have a super Saturday!:tounge2:
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Good day all!

What is everyone up to this fine Saturday morning? The sun is shining, but it is cold out. I am at work today, but as no one seems to know that we are open today I haven't actually rec'd a call in the past hour. I feel that they are paying me
to use the internet today! LOL isn't that great. I went to the lacrosse game last night and we beat New York Saints butts! GO ROCK GO! I have to work until 2 then rush home to get ready for my sister's birthday party. It will be nice having a
get together with my family. Now that my sister is pregnant - no one is bothering me about why I am not pregnant yet. It makes life a lot easier. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Well it has been so slow today that they are probably going to send us home early - so if I disappear before 2 you know I wnt home!
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Rain, housework, laundry, cat boxes......that is my planned day!
Happy happy joy joy!
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Oooh! Its date night for em tonight!! I'm so excited! Its been so long since hubby and I have been out together I'm trying to go light on the food today so I can indulge in Movie Theatre popcorn (the best kind!) and something chocolate! Turns out we may be double dating with hubby's brother and his girlfriend. That'll be fun- his girlfriend is so nice and a riot! Either way it'll be a fun time.

Its raining here today again- yuck! Things flood quickly in some areas here. For example the gym I go to is built on some pretty low land and the area in front of the doorway always floods. Sometimes they have to put sandbags in front of the door so the gym floor won't flood! My friend and I are supposed to be going to work out today, IF there aren't any sandbags in front of the door

Have a great day everyone! :rainbow:
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Good Morning!

Let's see... nothing too exciting going on today. We were going to go skiing again, but the S/O ended up at work until 3:00AM this morning, and now has to take a vehicle to Utah for our best customer, so that kind of ruined our plans for today. I don't really mind, though. It's all a part of owning your own business. (Or so he keeps telling me! )

So I will probably be online most of the day, as I cleaned the house, the guinea pig cage, and the litter box last night while I was waiting for the S/O to get home! Maybe I'll read one of the new books I picked up yesterday. I got the new one by Kenneth Timmerman ~ Shakedown. (For those of you that haven't heard of it, it's non fiction about Jesse Jackson...) I really like political books, and this one promises to be quite interesting, shocking, and thought provoking (according to my bookstore guy, who says he's already half way through it!)

I'm also almost done with another afghan I've been working on for a few months. It's a really pretty pink and grey plaid pattern, and I'm keeping this one! (I usually give them away.)

So, nothing particularly exciting planned around here, but it should be enjoyable anyway!

Hope everyone else has a good day!
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Warm, sunny and breezy. Opie got up, with Bill, about 7:00 AM. I guess, he sleeps 'til noon, when its just me at home. I think the cat likes Bill, best. Bill cooked breakfast for me and we ran some errands. I'm on swing shift so, we're taking it easy, this AM. Everyone, who doesn't have to work - ENJOY!
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Nice, lazy Saturday. Hubby is working today (he works retail - Toys R Us in addition to producing a radio show and DJing. Unfortunately the TRU thing is the only thing he's getting paid for right now, but that should soon change.). I have most of the day to myself with the kitties. Trent is bothering me right now because I am not supposed to be on the computer. I should be playing with him! :tounge2:

Better go with a kitty calling. They aren't real patient, you know. Besides, the NASCAR Busch Series race is finishing up and I wanted to see that.
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Oh, another NASCAR fan! I just watched the end of the Busch race, myself... now watching WC Happy Hour. I used to think it was just a bunch of cars going around in circles, but it kinda' grows on ya'. Back when I was a kid we used to go to the track all the time. I kind of miss it, as the closest track to me now is about 2 hours away.
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I am having a crappy day.

I just burst into tears trying to put training wheels on a bike for my daughter. I have managed to strip the bolt taking it off and I don't have it in me to go to the hardware store for a new one. My hands are all banged up now.

I'm so ready to feel like things are going right for a change
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Sunlion - tomorrow is another day! The bike will wait. One thing at a time. Just look at what you have learned by your experiences today! I am sorry it did not go better! Hope your hands are healing up!
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