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Hey there Debby. How are you today? I was just wondering if you got the results back from your amnio yet and if everything is ok. Just let me know if I am being too nosy.
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Hi! No you are not being too nosy!! I was planning on posting something later anyway. Thanks for asking!!!

I got the results back, and everything is okay!!!!

It is definately a girl!!!! Yippppeeeee!!!!

Good thing too, cause I already went out and bought some adorable little dresses! couldn't help myself!!!
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I am so glad everything is well. I was just waiting to make sure before I go search out some cute baby stuff to send to you. Some of the best stuff out there is for girls - I love shopping for baby girls!
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YAY!!! Debby! Thats awesome!!! I'm so glad everything is ok Now I can narrow down my search for something neat to send you Any names you've been considering? After watching Survivor I just love the name Neleh, its so pretty. Can't wait to see your little :angel4: once shes born
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Thanks guys!!!!!! We are going to name the baby Amber, but we aren't sure on the middle name yet...I am open for suggestions!!!
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I love that name! I also like the names Piage & Riley.
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Amber is a beautiful name My cousins little girl is named Amber and her middle name is Rose, I think the two go well together.
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I like Paige too!
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I thought about Amber Rose, but hubby didn't like it.
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Amber Leigh......
Amber Lynn......
Amber Amber bo bo bam bananner.....oops
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Amber Michelle kinda has a nice ring to it..
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LOL Deb!!!!
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That's pretty too, Melissa! I kinda like Amber Danielle, but I'm not sure. Hubby likes Amber Nicole.
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I like both of those- they both sound pretty Hubby picked out my kids names, he did a great job
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Oh, girls are sooo much fun! I was waiting to find out for sure, too, so I'd know what to get you. I had something all picked out for a girl, too. Now I can go ahead and order it! Yay!

I love the name Amber. My neighbor's little girl is named Amber Leigh, but they say it as one word, and it's really pretty (I think). I also like Amber Dawn.

Oh! I've got it! Amber Jin!
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Amber Jin it is, then! j/k

Seriously, I do like Amber Dawn, but hubby gave that one the thumbs down as well.
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Just tell the hubby that his chromosones determined the sex of the child the least he can let you do is determine the name! LOL
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My sisters name is Amber Dawn
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I just thought Amber Skye sounded nice - like a sunset.
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Amber Skye IS pretty Ady!!
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