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Teaching an old cat new tricks

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I've had Sam for about 6 years, he's probably about 10 years old. 5 years ago, I got a lovely water dispenser - the simple version of a bottle turned over on a water tray. (hard to describe). Bailey loves it. The kitty who lives upstairs loves it - runs right over for a drink when she come to visit. Sam wouldn't go near it. I have to leave the bathtub dripping for him, and I have a little tabletop fountain that he loved to drink out of, but the pump broke. So I took the fountain part off, and left the basin, and he drinks out of that.

Today, for the first time ever, he has finally decided that drinking out of the dispenser is a great idea.

I often wonder exactly what goes through their minds. Did he just not see it before, and today, thought, "Oh, cool! Water!". Or does he just take this long to get used to things.
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I think Sam decided that being part of the common folk (the other kitties) isn't so bad.
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Don't they just make you wonder sometimes?

A few days ago, Garfield got real interested in some black licorice strips I was munching on. The next day, while I was at work, he got into a plastic grocery bag, into the licorice package, and pulled 3 strips out and threw them around the living room. The candy was all chewed up on the ends, as if he had thoroughly killed each piece.

So I put one piece back into the empty package, and put it into the empty grocery bag. Hey, if it is a fun toy, I don't mind having a little pile of garbage under the computer desk! But he never went back to it!!!

I also had some individually wrapped lifesavors candy. He stole a bunch of those, simply for the crunchy sound of the wrappers. He doesn't get in the kitchen trash for food anymore (thanks to pepper flakes), but still digs in the front room trash for any fun noisy scraps of trash! He is just silly!!!!
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