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Punky Bruster A Angel Kitty

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Throughout my 24 years on this earth, I have loved cats, when I was 5 years old a special one came into my life and family. His name became Punky after a show back in the day calle Punky Bruster.

Punky was a spunky male Tom cat, even declawed in the front he still hunted with amazing skill, brought home many presents to me and my family. He didn't seem to like us too much as he always attacked our heels, but I didn't mind he was something special to me.

Then when we moved out into the country, it changed, he wasn't used to being an indoor cat, he loved the freedom to roam. But one morning my step-dad let Punky out the front door, and my step-dad said that Punky marched right out that front door and didn't even look back. That was the last time we'd see him. We scowered our neighborhood and put up lost posters, yet he was never found.

I hope he's happy now over the rainbow bridge, playing with my lost dog Ginger and all the other cats who have crossed the bridge. He would be 19 years old now if he hadn't disappeared. I will never forget him, even now that I have 5 darling cats that live with me now, but none of them can replace the empty feeling I have without my cat Punky. I hope that you will be waiting for me when it is my time to cross the bridge Punky I love you and miss you!

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It sounds like you and Punky had a very special bond. RIP Punky.
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I have no doubt whatsoever that he will be there waiting for you at the bridge
He sure does look like a handsome fella!

RIP Punky
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It is so hard, not knowing for sure what happened. I lost two barn cats last summer, they just disappeared. I'm sure they died, but as they weren't even friendly with each other, I have no idea how they would both disappear together!

Rest in peace, Punky. Give a head bonk to Scout and Angel over the Rainbow Bridge!

I am sorry for your loss, Kathryn. I hope you have another kitty to help comfort you.
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He was born a barn cat, and had a shorter than normal tail, but it wasn't a bob-tail, just shorter than normal because his father was a manx. But I do have a special cat in my life that in away sort of does fill the empty place, his name is Wesley and he's a beautiful pure white cat. He's been with me for 10 years now, just crawling into my life at a mere 2 weeks old.
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What a gorgeous boy he looks to be

RIP Punky
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