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Eye crust

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Is this normal to an extent? Marlee will sometimes get little eye boogers/crusties in the inner corner of her eyes. (Not actually in the eye, just along the nose kinda). It usually will just come off by itself or when she bathes, but every once in a while I'll notice one that stuck and get it with a q tip. Is this okay? Its not like her eyes are red, her third eye lid isn't showing, and its not runny or anything. Just wanted to make sure its normal!
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sound normal - they all get boogers once in a while.
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i think this is ok. juz make sure u regularly clean ur cat's eyes n nose. My Wesley had that as well. Cats love to sniff whatever things they see n poke their nose to it as well...
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likely normal I have to wash faces weekly to get eye goo out around here
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I think if should be any problem just make sure that you monitor him/her if this things happen as if your CAT don't clean the face that often it might get into eyes discharge... but you can always help your cat to clean the eyes...
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Just curious...how do you clean a cat's nose? One of my cats sometimes has gunk (not gooey, just stuff) coming out of her nostril and I pick it off and she goes on about her day. Is that cleaning her nose?
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Persil and Wellington get dirty eye corners and I clean them - the others don't. I asked hte vet once and he had no explanation except to say it was commoner with white cats!
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It's also important to vacuum and dust regularly, as the dust in the air will get into their eyes and build up, causing gunk.
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