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Neutering At An Older Age

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hello all, my 4 year old tomcat was neutered today due to a late onset spraying problem, as he only started spraying a couple of weeks ago, i thought it was a sign needing to mate so i allowed him to mate with 2 separate cats & then he returned with a severe case of urinary tract infection which was then fully treated after proper diagnosis, he started spraying again so i took the advice of many people on the forum to neuter him ..but now the vet said that due to his older age he might not stop spraying & captiva ( chris) adviced me to post a thread on the behavior forum to ask for people having a similar problem any one neutered his cat at that old age?? & can u please put my mind at ease cause i hate to let him go after 4 years in our house... he is a white pure breed persian if it makes any difference...thank u all
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I'm no expert, but we had our last cat (a feral) neutered at the age of eight. He never sprayed in the house, but he continued to do so outside. I assume your cat is indoor only?
Even neutering at an early age is no guarantee that the cat won't spray. Our current cat was neutered at 6 months. At the age of three, he started to spray outdoors (he's leashed-trained), and he's still doing it three years later.
I think you're going to have to "wait and see" how your cat will react. Remember that it will take several weeks for his hormone levels to drop, so you might not see any behavioral change for a couple of months.
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My Dad had his pure breed persian neutered when he was about 6 after years of spraying. The spraying stopped almost instantly, although he never stopped being a grumpy little toad
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I think all cats are different you can never really know if neutering will stop the spraying for sure or not. I had My male cats neutered young by 6 months old. They have sprayed in the house not often but a few times. One does it more then the others do. He mainly does it out the screens in the windows!
They all spray outside though.
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Well not as old as that but I prefer my cats to be adult before neutering them. I've never had any problem after (though tons before)
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