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Webbed Feet?

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Hi, I have a beautiful grey and white tabby cat called Amy, however her front two paws are webbed - She loves using them to play in water. She is quite long and trim with very large eyes. Another funny characteristic is that she sometimes fetches balls.

I was just wondering whether anybody knew of any breeds that had webbed feet as a characteristic?

Your help would be greatly appreciated

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It's not any particular breed that produces webbed feet. It's more along the lines of a genetic mutation like an extra digit
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I have a 9 month old male (Ink) who also has webbed feet. He loves to play in the water dish and often knocks it over. I bought a litter pan just to fill with water for him to play in so that he will leave the water dish alone. He loves to be outside when it sprinkles and he also plays fetch. He likes to play using a drinking straw or a rawhide (toy dog size). He does better in the cold than my other two cats and he's not a big fan of the heat. I have heard there are webbed footed cat breeds that like the water but I have found very little information.

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Sorry, I can't  help you as I am not a breeder but I was just wondering if you had pics? I never heard of a web-footed cat before.... he sounds cool :)

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Just a note to point out that this thread is 10 years old. You might want to start a new thread on the topic.
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