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My best friend died in December after being sick for seven weeks. It still seems so unbelievable to me that the time was so short--it felt like seven years. Kaity went from being her typical playful self to being sick over night--literally. The first time she threw up I thought it was probably a furball, but when she did it again I took her to her vet right away. At first they thought it was fatty liver disease, but within one week she was diagnosed with liver cancer. I spoke with two specialists and decided to try chemotherapy--something I had previously said I would never do. The decision was really difficult for me because I knew,even with the chemo,her prognosis was not good.--six months to two years.--being an optimist, I convinced myself she would be one of the few to make the two year mark. I was off by 22 months. I guess her cancer was just too aggressive because even with the best treatment, she couldn't beat it. I am so glad that I was able to have her in my life for eight years. She was...everything to me. I don't know how else to put it. I had a boyfriend ask me a few years ago, if I had to choose between him and Kaity, who would I choose? I told him he did not want to hear the answer In September my brother had to euthanize his cat and I remember hugging Kaity and crying and saying I could never make that decision.--in a way I was pleading that I would never have to. I am struggling to not be filled with hate because I ended up having to do the one thing I had prayed so hard would never happen. I need to stop writing for now. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.
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Marny, I understand how you feel I lost my best friend in Febuary to feline peritonitis, he was sick for four weeks. We took him to the vet and tried everything we could to save him, he died in my arms wrapped in a towel before the vet could put him to sleep and stop the pain he was going thru. I felt that I was selfish for holding on so long but the hope that he might get better kept me going. I was very fortunate though, you see we have several outside cats and there was one black and white kitten in particular. This kitten was the only one out of about eight that Garfield would allow to play with his tail and crawl all over him. All of this my wife and I have come to realize in the last month, reflecting on how Garfield acted around this kitten. Just before Garfield got really sick he was trying to bring this kitten who we have named Tippy (because of the white tips on his front paws)into the house with him. When we noticed Garfield was doing this we diecided to bring Tippy in and see what his reactions would be. Now I realize that my buddy handpicked this kitten to comfort me and torment our maltese Abby Gail the was he did when he was a kitten. Right now as I type he is laying next to me on the same stool that Garfield would lay on when I was on the computer. So maybe one day there will be a new furry bundle of joy bouce into your life, until then cherish the memories of Kaity and remember the good things.
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Marny - It is Ok for you to feel angry over the loss of your dear Kaity. You are grieving over her loss. Your heart is heavy now, but I pray that you will find comfort in knowing that you did all you could for her. Please know that we are thinking of you.
.....for Kaity
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i am sorry. i am going through the same thing. it hurts so much. when i think of my cat sox. it gives me comfort to know he had more love in his almost 3 years than many cats will never know in there life time. i love all kitty babies. please god bless them all.
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I so sorry about the loss of your Kaity. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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