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Need your help

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I am a rookie needing big leage advise. We have a snowshoe siamese that has a fantastic personality. She talks alot, follows us into every room, and gets on our laps every chance she gets. She is extremely possesive of her house and of my wife and I. We got her from my grandfather when he passed away. She was about two at the time, and now she is between 3 & 4. My question is, should we get another cat to keep her company when we are working? Or will that just upset her and take away from her personality and interaction with us?

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Well, siamese are very social creatures. If you feel you need another addition or that she is lonley during the day it might be a good idea. They will hiss and spit at first but then should become best buddies. You may want to look into another older siamese or oriental though. This way their personalitys are compatable. It usually will not take the place of their humans love and they will not forget about you.
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I wrestled with the same decision 3 years ago. My 2 year old cat seemed perfectly happy, yet I was worried about him being lonely all day while I was at work. He had been an outdoor/indoor cat, but after a close call at losing him when I moved, he had been strictly indoors. I was worried that Squirt's personality would change and that he wouldn't accept a new cat. It literally took me a year to make up my mind. Squirt was 3 when I brought Joey into the house.

There was hissing and chasing at first. But they adjusted pretty quickly. Squirt's attitude toward me was the thing that changed the most. He was a talker, who now said nothing. When I went to pet him, he would dip his back down, as if to say, "Don't touch me." It took several months for him to get totally back to normal. I shed a few tears thinking he didn't love me anymore.

But everything is just fine now. The 2 boys get along famously, and Squirt is just as he was before. I recommend getting the second cat. And be patient. It will take time, but it will work out.
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Hi Sheltra,
I too am dealing with this very issue. I have heard mostly positive things about getting another cat. Most advice I receive is to bring in a kitten into the home, not an adult, that way it will not threaten the older cat. However, I have a very dear friend who has a 5 year old cat. They were the best of friends. One day when the cat was 3 my pal decided his little buddy needed a playmate. He brought home a kitten. People gave my friend advice on how to introduce the two and unfortunately nothing worked. The cats have lived in the house now for 2 years and are bitter enemies. My friend cannot even hold let alone touch his old pal any more.
My advice is make real sure that your kitty is lonely, sometimes they are completely happy having you all to themselves. I think this is a rare case because I have not found too many people that don't say try it. I hope all goes well. There are many techniques you can try in introducing the two if you decide to get another kitty. They are such wonders to be around. Good luck
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Sheltra....I moved this thread to the behaviour forum, I hope that's alright....I thought it belonged here, and might generate more responses for you. I hope everything goes well! Keep us posted on whether or not you decide to introduce a new cat into the 'family'.

And Thanks so much for joining us!!! I hope you post often!!! Welcome!!!!
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Dear Sheltra,
I was reading your post and I was getting a bit misty eyed because I remember having just one kitty...just one...Yikes...that was so long ago...You reminded me of how old I was. Anyway, I agree that you should get your beauty another playmate. Why not? She'll be so happy, I'm sure of it; maybe not initially, but eventually they'll be inseperable.
God Bless You & Yours
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