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What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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Just wondered what everyones doing for Thanksgiving?
We always go to my sisters house on Thanksgiving. As she has more room for all of us. This year theres going to be 21 of us there! Luckily my family all lives in the same town within a few miles of each other. She does the Turkey and I always cook a large roast pork. I go over the night before and help with what ever she needs help with. Then I go over early that morning and help set up tables and get ready. Its going to be different this year as my sister is recently divorced after 25 years! And her new boyfriend and his two boys will be there..
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Everyone usually comes to my hosue for Thanksgiving and this year is no exception. I will have between 10-12 people (not sure yet). I'll start cooking on Wednesday. It will be our first holiday in this house, so it should be interesting!
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This is the first year I won't be spending Thanksgiving with my family, that is, my mom, dad, sister, mom's mom, uncle, and his wife. I'm running in a 10k on Thanksgiving morning, and am having dinner with my best friend, his fiancee, and her family. We're having at least twelve people, and the count my go higher by Thursday. I'm excited, because I've never cooked for more than three people. I'm a little aprehensive, too, though. I don't know how long things can be made before hand, and I'm pretty sure that doing everything after a race is not the best of ideas.
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I will be coming home on Tuesday night after work & will be home til Thursday, cuz I have to drive back home to work the day after. All of my extended family - all 30 of us, will be at my Grandparents for the whole day and the meal. Its always so wonderful to see all of my family at once, living so far away sometimes its hard to get to see all of my cousins at once (there are 10 of us kids)
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I always celebrate Thanksgiving with my best friend. So I am driving to Atlanta, and we'll have 2 separate Thanksgivings: one on Thursday and one on Saturday.
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This year Thanksgiving is going to be at my brother and sister-in-laws place. It's the first year they're hosting it and my sister-in-law is actually about 3-4 months pregnant! The whole family will be there and I'm really excited about it. I love Thanksgiving so much and I love spending time with family.
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Our family is coming Thanksgiving eve for dinner on Thanksgiving day we are sleeping in, watchig movies and eating leftovers! And we might go "dessert-hopping" to a couple different friends Thanksgivings with their families. (Not just a pop-in...we were invited!) :-)
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i will be spending thanksgiving with my fiance and his family my first thanksgiving in texas 2500 miles away from my family so its kinda bitter\\sweet for me happy cuz i am gonna be with my fiance and sad cuz i wont be with my family
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I have no family out here in Minnesota. They're all back on the east coast, so we have our own Thanksgiving dinner. Means more leftovers for us!
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My daughter lives in Raleigh, NC. and we are going there to be at her table for Thanksgiving. I am bringing collards and chocolate cake for my contribution to the meal. She is cooking turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoe biscuits, yeast rolls and who knows what else. I am going to eat some chocolate cake, but I really won't pig out. My husband and I are walking every day, counting calories, and losing weight. He has lost thirteen pounds and I have lost 7. I bought myself some new jeans, size 8 and 10 petite. I don't want to go back to those size twelves.
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It's just the two of us...last year was so nice, my mom and step-dad drove cross-country to spend a week with us and celebrate Thanksgiving with us

I've not had a holiday "off plan" since I began seriously working to lose weight almost 3 years ago, this year will be no exception.

I always plan a snack for during the day, we tend to eat late. I've planned for my recipe of Sausage Balls that are considered cm (lets just say my one meal of the day with complex carbs is the reward meal, or rm, the rest - meals or snacks are cm and have no complex/high carb foods), crabstuffed mushrooms, kalamata olive and cream cheese stuffed celery, and a wonderful spinach dip with raw veggies.

For our rm/Thanksgiving meal, we will have an all-natural turkey that we are brining, a cornbread sausage stuffing, mashed cauliflower, fresh asparagus, gravy, a wonderful homemade whole berry cranberry relish that I make every year, and a wonderful recipe I have for pumpkin pie.

I can't work in a former Thanksgiving favorite on the same day, so I make this the week of Thanksgiving, scalloped oyster casserole - that I have a small amount of with whatever protein and veggie I'm having, as a rm.
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It is just going to be the 2 of us as usual. I am making a small turkey, stuffing, candied yams, and cresent rolls. I also have a 1/4 honeybaked ham. We will have pumpkin and apple pie. My parents are both gone and Mike's live out of town. I usually only have the one day off, so we don't want to go there for one day. Sometimes we will go on the weekend, but they won't be home this year.
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For me it'll be TG lunch with friends, then TG dinner with the boyfriend's family. All that food in one day...scary...!

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As yet, I'm not sure about Thanksgiving. Bill and I are splitting and he's going to his sister's. My parents are going to Pops' brother's in Camp Verde.

Mark and Sam aren't completely back together yet but, I've offered to take them and the twins out to dinner. If Sam decides to go to her parents', I'll just take Mark.

Since I have a long weekend, I'll be cleaning closets and throwing stuff away.
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