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vet costs

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I was wondering how vet costs compare in different places. We took my SiL's cat last week for dental work, he had bloods done, an anesthetic, two extractions and a descale. this cost £240.00 (about 412.00 us dollars)
They said at his MOT he needed one tooth out, then when they had him in they took out two and the price difference was £80.00 which seems a lot for just pulling out one tooth


I don't know if this is in the right place, if not please move it. Thanks
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Hi anne well i dont know a lot about vet fees, but i have two cats sasha, and jasmine, i have both of them insured for £10 per month (thats £5 for each cat) and this gives me cover for up to £3,000 per year on medical bills. I am glad i took this cover out because at this very moment my 3 yr old sasha is at the vet being treated for concussion, after either being clipped by a passing car, or fallng from some height and banging her head ( thats what the vet thinks anyway) I found her lying on our pathway yesterday with blood coming from her nose, she was in a state of shock and her pupils were dialated, she was very limp, so i rushed her around to our local vet and they took some x-rays and blood tests, she has since spent last night in the vets and will spend to-night there as well up to now it has cost £240 fees and if she needs further tests that could rise dramaticaly, my insurers are sending me a claim form so hopefully that side of things should be taken care of, dont you have any insurence on your cat? i think its a must have cover that takes away a lot of financial worry, i dont mind how many tests or how expensive the treatments are as long as she gets better, even without medical cover i would spend my last penny on making her well again.
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that sounds about right - our vet usually gives a "quote" from best to worst case scenario. unfortunately they can only tell the extent of the work needed until they are under. My mom's girl piper had approx. the same amount of work done abt. 4 months ago and we paid about $450.00.
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Our cats and my SiL's are all insured but none of the insurances over here cover dentistry, vacinations or nutering. (Or none that I could find anyway.)
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At our clinic, with a blood profile, the dentistry, and the extractions we would've charged about $210.00.
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Just a quick update on my cat sasha, the vet has booked her in for a consultation, and MMI scan on her head, I have to take her to a veternery hospital tomorrow morning she is just not herself we picked her up from the vets but her pupils are still very dialated and she seems a little unsteady on her feet just hope its nothing too serious the scan will cost £800 ($600) and the consultation £150 ($100) i am hoping they will deal directly with my insurers so i wont have to find that amount straight away before my insurance pays out i just cant find that kind of money up front. The hospital is a twenty five mile drive from where we live so i hope i can take her home that night.
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That should be £800 ($1,000) £150 ($200)
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About 8 years ago my cat had some dental work done. I believe it cost about $250 at the time. I'm sure its gone up now.
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