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Furr related

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My first cat:
When my kitten's furr gets wett it isn't like my dogs furr, it takes very long to dry, and wile wet stays on her skin like it's been gelled down.
Is this normal for cat hair?
Thing is when I bath her, though she doesn't fight, after the bath she stays wet longer so she gets very cold, I considered hair drying her but I think as cats have very sensitive ears it might bother here as the hairdryer is very noisy, I try drying her with the towel but it doesn't do much, it only dries with time mostly.
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Hair dryers get very hot, so be sure to use it on the lowest setting or you could burn her. Just curious, is she indoor or outdoor? If she's indoor you could really skip the baths all together. I've never bathed mine, so I don't know how long it takes for cat fur to dry.
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Oliver is an indoor cat and gets a bath once a month... I always keep him wrapped in towels for quite awhile afterwards, to get him as dry as I can... then he has his own bathrobe that he wears while he starts to preen some... can you turn the heat up a little in your place while your kitty dries off? And I agree, if you can successfully use the hair dryer on your cat, use the lowest setting
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Indoor mostly, but also some space outside, it goes under our car sometimes so gets some black patches on her furr, being very young she's still getting the hang of cleaning herself. I bathed her once so far, it was funny she tried getting away by jumping into the bucket with water I was using to clean her, warm water, I don't like cleaning pets in cold water.
No heating in this house, quite a drafty house unfortunetly.

Funny thing happened the other day I woke up and I had a strange scarf on my neck, she fell asleep on my neck like a scarf, lol.
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Have you tried warming (not hot - mind you!) the towels you use to dry her off? It should speed up the drying process.
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I have to bath Buddy, he is a white cat and gets dirty very easy, and he isn't the greatest groomer.Buddy doesn't mind getting a bath, but drying him is a problem too, especially since his hair is kinda long, if I don't dry it, it drys all clumped together, which will cause more problems. So I have to use a blowdryer. Buddy tolerates his bath, but he does hate the hairdryer. I put it on the warm setting and get it over asap. He usually stuffs his head between my body and arm until it is over. I brush and dry him at the same time, the brushing seems to calm and relax him a bit since he enjoys being brushed.
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I haven't bathed it again yet, cause it's real cold not being winter and all, it's white too so gets dirty easily, let's just say it's not exactly white at the moment, lol, she's still getting the hang off cleaning, purring... she's starting to get rreal good at seenking her nails into me wile she goes into a purr frenzy ussualy followed by trying to suckle on my hair, ear, stomach. Can't warm towels, not clothes dryer, and no sunny weather.
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