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Help with my new problematic cat

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A few weeks ago, Ifound a kitten near my house, I sort of rescued it, as it had been miauing for about 4 days of hunger... behind a power box generater thing, it hissed... but soon got used to me, and seems to have been a domestic cat by the way it reacted, as would only hiss initially to anything strange.
The problem is:

It is very hiperactive, is this a faze? I know it is still young, not sure how old, recently the remaining botton front teth grew. It keeps going after everything in the house, climing curtains, pulling out plugs, going under beds and messing with everything, trying to climb doors and walls....

But that isn't the main problem, the main problem is it sleeps in my room, and keeps going for my eyes, if I blink, if I look at it, if I take my hair out of my eyes.... I find this very dangerous as last night it struck inside my eye with its nail, needles to say it hurt a lot and could have been worse.

Is there anything I can do to at least stop it from going for my eyes, it doesn't seem to do it upsset, it just seems to do it automaticly.

Please give me some advice


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Oliver did the same thing when he was a little kitten. He didn't quite seem to understand that our eyelashes were not something that needed to be hunted and killed!
The best solution for a rambunctious kitten is, oddly enough, another kitten! Kittens tend to be less destructive when they've got a buddy to pal around with.
Oliver used to be somewhat "mouthy" and would bite my ankles, arms, legs, anything that moved, when he was in a playful mood. Now that he has Emma to chase around and goof off with, he's no longer interested in puncturing mommy's delicate skin!

Visit a local animal shelter and see if there's a kitten about the same age as your little guy/gal--it may seem counterintuitive to add another crazy kitten to the fray, but trust me, it will make a big difference!

Good luck and godbless for taking in this little one!
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Unfortunetly another cat isn't a solution, I was lucky in getting my family to accept this one, my dad and grandmother didn't want any cats, I sort of sneeked it in to take care of it, would put it in a covered area on a flat roof part of the house, I made the covered area with some open cages, computer cover, plastic, and blanket, they got used to seing it assuming it got there on it's own, like had happened with a neighbours cat and her kitten.

I've never had a cat before.

It plays with my two dogs, that although they don't like cats at all they love this one, well the one dog doesn't act like a dog and the cat doesn't seem to act like a cat sometimes, so they perfect for each other lol.

I'm happy to have saved this cat, it was starving and people have been killing cats around here with poisin, and many are run over by cars.
I tryed finding it another owner with no luck.
I'm not too happy on the way some things are done in this house, all our recent dogs never had any shots and have never seen a vet... and this cat I doubt will ever see a vet too, we love them, but my family doesn't want to "waste" money on them.
And it's not worth trying to convince them, I don't have money to do it, and don't get pocket money.

I recently started working for Yves Rocher products and hope to save up to be able to give the cat all it's shots and "fix it".

We give it Wiskas and Friskies every now and then and some other cat brands, but it has mostly what we eat as do the other dogs, our dogs never liked dog food but the one I mentioned that acts like he isn't a dog sometimes, sometimes steals the cats cat food.

Well that's all for now

Best Wishes

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You're so kind to take care of this little one! I think the best thing you can do (since you can't get another kitten right now) is make sure that when the kitten reaches for your face, you instantly give a high-pitched YELP! Then when the kitty moves back, you lower your voice and tell him quietly what a good kitty he is. It will take him a little while to understand and remember, but this should gradually teach him that he's hurting you.

I understand how hard it can be to change the way your family thinks, but you are absolutely right that your kitten needs to be neutered. If she's a girl, this will save her from being put out of your house when she becomes pregnant. If he's a boy, you won't be able to keep him in your house unless he's neutered -- he'll spray everywhere, howl during the night, and become a serious problem. Go talk to a veterinarian and explain your situation -- sometimes they will do the surgery at a reduced cost.

I'm so glad you're feeding your kitten some actual cat food -- that's very important for his health. Without the right nutrients, he could lose his sight. Don't let the dogs steal too much of his food! :-)

This kitten is lucky to have found you. I hope you will be best friends for many years to come! All good wishes...
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Since you are not able to get in another cat why don't you just buy him/her a CAGE.... But enough to keep him/her.... for a while... with proper litter box, food and water... well i don't believe in caging the cat... but sometimes you need too... or maybe give room by itself if you have the space.. or else like during when you sleep you might wanna cage him/her until he don't do so to you....
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well, usually a kitten wud be very much hyper and active all day n nite. it is a norm. i wud 2nd the thought of getting a cage for him n put him inside when u go to bed shud u r afraid that the kitten wud injure u...
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Things are expensive here a small sized cage the size of my cat is about 35€, that's too small, things are very costly here unfortunetly, I'm trying to save money for caring for my new kitty. I don't think I'd cage it though ;8 don't like seing things cages, especially things like cats, dogs... the problem is mostly before sleeping as I'm ussualy petting it in bed lying down giving it easy access to my face, it ussualy sleeps at my feets during the night, though the other night I woke up with a real furr live scraf around my neck fast asleep, so sweet!
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Just like a Momma kitty would teach it not to scratch at eyes, you can teach it, too. Just yelp or hiss when it acts like it wants to scratch at your face or eyes. This helps teach it "no".
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thanks for the ongoing advice, the problem is ussualy I don't know it's gonna go for my eyes it does it so quick and suddenly, but I'll try.
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SK- are you looking at this kitten, directly when she goes for you? Direct staring to a cat is an invitation to war, if you meet this kitten's gaze, blink several times quite slow. But ideally, not getting into a stare-down with this feral kitten would be best.

I would also recommend you start trimming the tips of her claws. You just want to take off the bare tip, not anymore than that. Use a kitten-sized nail trimmer, or small (sharp) nail clippers (for fingernails. When you look at her claws, you will see white, which is the tip of the claw and then you will see pink or red (that is the quick, and that is where the blood is supplied). You do not want to cut into the pink/red just the very outermost tip of the white.
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