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I caught him red handed!

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Oh man, I wish I could have found a camera in time!

So, my white cat...is now red. Well, his paws are anyway.

Leo is a very intrepid explorer who can apparently, somehow, open doors. Because he got into my mom's work room where she had been painting shelves to hang in my brother's room all afternoon. Well, there was still a little paint in the tray, and Leo, being the knucklehead he is, thought that it would be fun to play in the paint.

So, he's red-pawed!

I wish I could have gotten pictures, but I of course had to give him a bath immediately.

Also, there are little red pawprints that have been forever immortalized on the cement floor of the work room!

Ohhhhhhh, kitties.....
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Oh Leo - you really were caught red-pawed! And leaving paw prints?!? Goodness little guy!

Allie I wish you could have gotten pics of that too! That is just too funny!!
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Oh, Leo - Heidi is right - you were caught red-pawed, all right! But your little paw prints will bring back fond memories in the years to come. Even pics of the paw prints would be nice - a picture IS worth a 1000 words!
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Awwww! That is so cute! The little red paw prints are the best! I would smile every time I saw them.
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How often do we get to say we literally caught someone red-handed? Too funny!
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My dog has done something similiar.
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how cute that must have been
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That is so funny. I`d love to see the little red paw prints...maybe you could get a pic and post it. How did leo like that bath???
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That is too funny!

Did you ever read "Talichaser's Song" by Tad Andrews? There is a legend in there about a cat named Tangaloor Firefoot, who was a white cat with red feet. That's the first thing I though about when I read your post!
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